Friday 30 August 2013

Kaimbwala Children Take Pledge To Keep Their Hands Clean

By 1 2 1 News Reporter

 Chandigarh, 30th August:---- To achieve the objective of creating a healthier society through improved preventive measures, Young Indians (Yi) Chandigarh Tricity Chapter, in association with Fortis Healthcare Ltd, organised a Health & Hygiene Awareness Session cum Camp at its Yi Vividha Centre situated at Kaimbwala, Chandigarh today. The objective was to check the basic health and teach hygiene to over 80 underprivileged children of the village.

Yi Vividha Centre Chairman Amit Chugn said that aiming at achieving behavioral change, Yi believes in involving children and youth in awareness programs as this holds multiplier effect. The children act as best messengers who take the message to their parents, family and other community members. Basic medical attention can drastically improve their standard of living. Many people in the villages lack basic health and hygiene awareness.

Dr Neetinder Brar, Head- Patient Care services, Fortis Mohali said, taht the camp was held to educate children on prevention and importance of basic hygienic measures such as washing hands with soap before preparing food, before eating, before feeding a child and after defecation. Good hand hygiene is of prime importance in preventing infections. Children and the elderly are most likely to get very ill and potentially die from food borne illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. The fortunate part is that many of these illnesses can be prevented by proper hand washing at the correct time".  Children took a pledge to keep their hands clean.

 Dr Wing Cdr Kang, Head - ECHS, Fortis Mohali along with Dr Anish Gupta, Consultant-ENT, Fortis Mohali checked the basic health of children. A lot of children were found to be anemic and would be administered iron doses soon under the guidance of Doctors from the hospital. Children were very happy to learn basic practices to keep them healthy and fit.



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