Tuesday 30 April 2019

CII organizes Leadership Connect Series

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Chandigarh 30th April:- Confederation of India Industry launched an exclusive Leadership Talk series with the title "Leadership Connect i3 Series: Ignite Minds–Inculcate Innovation – Inspire to Aspire". As part of the series, the first session was organised at CII Northern Region Headquarters here today. The emphasis of this initiative is to accelerate ahead with inspirational ideas and innovations.

The launch of the series took place in Chandigarh, where Vivek Atray addressed the gathering on the crucial touch points of igniting creativity, inculcating innovation and inspiration through aspirations. He is an author, advisor, mentor, motivational speaker and independent advisor. He retired voluntarily from the Indian Administrative Services and is the co-founder of Vibrant Advisory Services and Vibrant Networking Forum.

Vivek Atray said that for a leader, it is extremely essential to find a spark within, to come out of a routine life and communicate his or her passion with others with conviction. He added that we need to win the battle of our minds and remove negative thoughts in order to excel in our work, he added. He also spoke about how fear and worry reduces our potential in both personal and professional spheres and hence we must attempt to mitigate the same.

Another topic covered during the session was of 'emotional intelligence' that one of the most significant attributes of a leader. A leader is supposed to maintain calmness and handle every issue with peace and intellect. He also mentioned that to see a change we need to be the change. A person need not be in a stratified high position to showcase leadership qualities; rather a leader outshines from within himself or herself.

This i3 Leadership series intends to bring together speakers who are entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success stories with the industry audience.

Amway India Strengthens Kids Nutrition Portfolio: Launches Nutrilite DHA Yummies

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Chandigarh 30th April:- Amway India, the country's largest FMCG direct selling company, announced the launch of Nutrilite DHA Yummies. This product is developed to support the nutritional gap of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in children of age 5 years and above. 

Nutrilite DHA Yummies Soft Gel format is a great way for children to fulfill their key nutritional requirement in a more fun and enjoyable manner. These innovative chewable soft drops present a simpler way for the parents to maintain the necessary nutritional intake of their young ones. The DHA**(Docosahexaenoic Acid) is a type of Omega-3 fatty acids that are meant to support the normal brain function and other vital functions in children, while Vitamin D is required for the normal growth and development of bones besides facilitating immune system function in children. Nutrilite DHA Yummies is available in yummy tangy orange - citrus lemony flavor and are developed for children of age 5 years and above. 

Announcing the launch Nutrilite DHA Yummies, Sundip Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway India, said that at INR 401 crores*, the kids' vitamin and dietary supplement market is still at a nascent stage and promises strong growth potential. In line with our commitment of offering highest quality products, Nutrilite DHA Yummies is an addition to our existing range of supplements for kids.

 Childhood is the time when one needs to build strong foundation for a healthy life. A child's dietary habits and physical activity are strong determinants of his/her health. A balanced nutritional intake is very important for children in their developmental years. The gaps can be addressed through dietary supplements. However, our understanding about the market highlights that taste, and tablet intake is a big challenge for kids. Nutrilite DHA Yummies is presented in a kid friendly format with an appealing flavor. With this latest addition to the range, we aim to revolutionize the consumer experience and transform the category," he added. As on 2018, the overall Omega 3 supplement market is growing at a CAGR of 12% over the last 5 years.

Commenting on the launch Ajay Khanna, Category Head, Nutrition & Wellness, Amway India, said that given that children are extremely picky eaters, and so, their diets may fall short of important nutrients such as omega-3 and vitamin D. Nutrilite DHA Yummies leverages Amway's long-standing legacy of bringing the highest quality nutritional supplements. We are excited to introduce this in the market and further expand our product range. In order to maximize reach and engagement with consumers, we are planning a digital campaign targeted at the parents of the children of age 5 years & above. We will also be conducting regional events to further educate Amway direct sellers and the customers about the product. We are confident that Nutrilite DHA Yummies will receive an enthusiastic response from the market.

Monday 29 April 2019

"मजदूर दिवस" पर मरणवरत पर बैठेंगे वयोवृद्ध नेता सरदार सज्जन सिंह

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Chandigarh 29th April:- पंजाब में कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए बनाए गए-पंजाब एकट 2016 को लागू करवाने के लिए ठेका मुलाजिम एकशन कमेटी के वरिष्ठ नेता सरदार सज्जन सिंह 1 मई 2019 को "मजदूर दिवस " पर चंडीगढ में मरणव्रत पर बैठेंगे।

सज्जन सिंह पंजाब के आल इंडिया लेवल के एक कर्मठ सीनियर कर्मचारी नेता हैं, जिन्होने 1972,1996 व 2009 में भी मरणव्रत पर बैठ कर पंजाब के कर्मचारियों की कई मुख्य मांगों को केंद्र व पंजाब सरकार द्वारा हल करवाया ।

हाल ही में पंजाब विधान सभा में संशोधन कर पेश किए बिल पर पंजाब सरकार न कोई फैसला नहीं लिया जिसके कारण 37000 कच्चे कर्मचारियों का भविष्य अधर में लटक गया। पंजाब में ठेका मुलाजिम एकशन कमेटी काफी समय से संघर्ष कर रही है व प्रधान आशीष जुलाहा ने अपनी मांगों के लिए सैशन में विधान सभा का घेराव भी किया।

आल कांटरैकचुअल करमचारी संघ भी काफी समय से शासन व प्रशासन से चंडीगढ में कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए पिछले बीस वर्षो से कोई केंद्रीय नीति न होने के कारण पंजाब दवारा बनाई गई 2011की नीति को अपनाने की मांग कर रहा है व चंडीगढ प्रशासन दवारा पंजाब एकट 2016 के संशोधन होने पर चंडीगढ में इस एकट को लागू करने का आश्वासन भी दिया है। चंडीगढ में लगभग 20000 से 25,000 कर्मचारी कांटरैकट व आउटसोर्सिंग सिसटम मे काम कर रहे हैं व बीस वर्षो से चंडीगढ में कोई नीति नहीं है । आल कांटरैकचुअल कर्मचारीसंघ इन कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए संघर्ष कर रहा है। पंजाब व यू टी के कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए आने वाले समय में यह कर्मचारी एकता एक नया इतिहास रचेगी। 

"मजदूर दिवस" पर मरणवरत पर बैठेंगे वयोवृद्ध नेता सरदार सज्जन सिंह

"मजदूर दिवस" पर मरणवरत पर बैठेंगे वयोवृद्ध नेता सरदार सज्जन सिंह

चंडीगढ़:(                               )पंजाब में कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए बनाए गए-पंजाब एकट 2016 को लागू करवाने के लिए ठेका मुलाजिम एकशन कमेटी के वरिष्ठ नेता सरदार सज्जन सिंह 1 मई 2019 को "मजदूर दिवस " पर चंडीगढ में मरणव्रत पर बैठेंगे।

सज्जन सिंह पंजाब के आल इंडिया लेवल के एक कर्मठ सीनियर कर्मचारी नेता हैं, जिन्होने 1972,1996 व 2009 में भी मरणव्रत पर बैठ कर पंजाब के कर्मचारियों की कई मुख्य मांगों को केंद्र व पंजाब सरकार द्वारा हल करवाया ।

हाल ही में पंजाब विधान सभा में संशोधन कर पेश किए बिल पर पंजाब सरकार न कोई फैसला नहीं लिया जिसके कारण 37000 कच्चे कर्मचारियों का भविष्य अधर में लटक गया। पंजाब में ठेका मुलाजिम एकशन कमेटी काफी समय से संघर्ष कर रही है व प्रधान आशीष जुलाहा ने अपनी मांगों के लिए सैशन में विधान सभा का घेराव भी किया।

आल कांटरैकचुअल करमचारी संघ भी काफी समय से शासन व प्रशासन से चंडीगढ में कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए पिछले बीस वर्षो से कोई केंद्रीय नीति न होने के कारण पंजाब दवारा बनाई गई 2011की नीति को अपनाने की मांग कर रहा है व चंडीगढ प्रशासन दवारा पंजाब एकट 2016 के संशोधन होने पर चंडीगढ में इस एकट को लागू करने का आश्वासन भी दिया है। चंडीगढ में लगभग 20000 से 25,000 कर्मचारी कांटरैकट व आउटसोर्सिंग सिसटम मे काम कर रहे हैं व बीस वर्षो से चंडीगढ में कोई नीति नहीं है । आल कांटरैकचुअल कर्मचारीसंघ इन कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए संघर्ष कर रहा है। पंजाब व यू टी के कच्चे कर्मचारियों की सुरक्षा के लिए आने वाले समय में यह कर्मचारी एकता एक नया इतिहास रचेगी। 


अशोक कुमार



बिपिन शेर सिंह,


गुरचरण सिंह

प्रचार सचिव

आल कांटरैकचुअल करमचारी संघ,यू.टी,चंडीगढ


CII organises Workshop on Stress to Success

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Chandigarh 29th April:- Confederation of Indian industry (CII) Northern Region organised a one-day Workshop on Stress to Success in Chandigarh today. This Experiential Workshop aimed to enrich the life of participants by providing an insight on workload management besides leading a healthy life without stress. The areas which were focused upon include delegation, planning, organising etc.

Tapas Dasmohapatra, Co-Founder, POSSIBLERS emphasised on both physical fitness and mental alertness as the key to success. The Workshop enabled to examine the causes of stress and its impact on the productivity at work. It also explained a range of tools and techniques that people can apply and benefit from in their daily life.

Tapas Dasmohapatra stated the importance of DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin) hormones in our life and how to increase their level. In this context, he referred a book titled Happy Chemicals and informed the participants that this book could play a vital role in managing their stress.

The objectives of the Workshop include achieving work life effectiveness, successfully applying scientific techniques to manage stress, turning positive action into positive habits, using techniques in mind-body connection, and understanding the nature and cause of stress.

Delegates from various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, education, research etc participated in the workshop.

Gurdaspur Will Get What It Demands: Sunny Deol

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Gurdaspur 29th April:- The SAD-BJP candidate for Lok Sabha elections from Gurdaspur, Sunny Deol today filed his nomination papers at the office of District Election Officer Vipul Ujwal flanked by the senior leadership of SAD and BJP. 

The union minister Dr Jatinder Singh, General B K Singh, Satpal Singh, Vijay Sampla, Haryana FM Captain Abhimanyu, Sunny Deol's younger brother and actor Bobby Deol, BJP State President Shwet Malik, Ex President Kamal Sharma, Ashwani Sharma, former Deputy Speaker Punjab Nirmal Singh Kahlon, alliance candidate from Amritsar Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina, BJP Leader Swaran Salaria, akali Dal district president Gurbachan Singh Babbehali and a large number of leaders were present. 

Addressing the massive rally, after filing nomination papers, Sunny Deol said that he had not come to make promises but to associate with the people of Punjab. He said he would work hard to win so that not only Punjab but entire country can progress. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi too wants the Punjab to prosper and hence all the demands of Gurdaspur residents will be fulfilled. 

Striking emotional chord with the masses he said that when he was given ticket for Gurdaspur his father actor Dharmender said that Sunny you should accept the opportunity for the sake of his love for Punjab. He made an earnest appeal to peopls to join his movement.

Former Lok Sabha member and recently inducted in SAD seasoned politician Jagmeet Brar said that the Deol family has special bonding with Punjab. Owing to the strong family background Sunny will get landslide victory in the polls. Reacting to an insulting remark made by Captain Amarinder Singh against Sunny Deol, Jagmeet Brar said while the CM Punjab drubs himself as a Fauji he should explain about the antecedents of his Pakistani female friend, who is possibly an ISI agent and ensure that she is not sending India's secrets to Pakistan. Instead this makes Captain a traitor and not Fauji, Brar added. He said that formed MP Vinod Khanna and actor Dharmender are the true sons of Punjab's soils. He said that PM Narendra Modi has proven that neither someone is sharper nor someone is kinder than him. 

Late MP Vinod Khanna's wife Kavita Khanna said that the way people of Gurdaspur assured victory of Khanna, they would instill the same belief in Sunny Deol.

पवन कुमार बंसल में विभिन्न जनसभाओं को किया संबोधित: निवासी उतरें कांग्रेस के समर्थन में

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Chandigarh 29th April:- कांग्रेस के कार्यकाल में मनीमाजरा का विकास तेजी के साथ हुआ था। मनीमाजरा में कॉलेज खुलवाने के लिए कांग्रेस ने एक बजट भी सेंशन करवा दिया था लेकिन भाजपा ने इस पर काम शुरू नही किया। शहर में कई जगह डिस्पेसरियां खुलवाने के बावजूद डाक्टरों मेडिकल स्टाफ कमी है। इसका कारण भी भाजपा है जिसने लोगों को विकास के नाम ठगा है। यह बात आगामी लोकसभा चुनावों के लिए कांग्रेस के उम्मीदवार पवन कुमार बंसल ने रविवार मनीमाजरा के सुभाष नगर में निवासियों को एक विशाल जनसभा में संबोधित करते हुए बताई। वे इस विशाल जनसभा में पहुंचे, तो निवासियों ने उनका स्वागत किया और उनके समर्थन में मतदान देने का विश्वास दिलाया।  जिसपर पवन कुमार बंसल ने उन्हें आश्वस्त किया कि उनके सांसद बन जाने पर वे मनीमाजरा का विकास कार्यो में तेजी लायेगें।

इस अवसर पर चंडीगढ़ टैरिटारियल कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छाबड़ा ने कहा कि भाजपा ने सिर्फ शहरवासियों को विकास के नाम पर धोखा दिया है कांग्रेस के कार्यकाल में विकास बुलंदियों पर था लेकिन शहर में भाजपा के आते ही शहर बदवाली में तबदिल हो गया। भाजपा ने जनता पर उच्च करों को लाद दिया है और नोटबंदी ने जनता को हताश किया। कांग्रेस यर्थाथवाद पर विश्वास करती है जैसे कि न्याय योजना है जिसके अंर्तगत गरीबी के लिए एक बेजोड़ समाधान है। जिसमें 5 करोड़ परिवारों को प्रति वर्ष 72000 रूपये दिये जायेगें।  उन्होंने निवासियों से अपील की कांग्रेस द्वारा किये गये विकास कार्यों के वादों पर विश्वास करें और कांगे्रेस उम्मीदवार पवन कुमार बंसल को ही अपना नेता चुनकर मतदान करें।

वहीँ पवन कुमार बंसल ने रविवार देर रात चंडीगढ़ से सटे गांव कैंबवाला में प्रचार करने पहुंचे तो गांववासियों ने उनका भव्य स्वागत किया और चुनाव में अपना समर्थन देने का विश्वास दिलाया। पवन  कुमार बंसल ने इस दौरान कहा कि उनके कार्यकाल में गांवों का विकास कार्य जोरों पर था लेकिन भाजपा के जाने से विकास कार्यो थम गये। भाजपा चाहती तो कांग्रेस द्वारा किये गये विकास कार्यो को आगे तक ले जा सकती थी लेकिन ऐसा करने में भाजपा विफल रही। 

गांवों का आधुनिकरण उन्हें मॉर्डन गांवों को दर्जा देना मेरा(पवन कुमार बंसल) सपना है जिसे मैं सत्ता में आकर पूरा करूंगा। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा के कार्यकाल में शहर के गांवों को पूरी तरह से नजर अंदाज कर दिये गये थे तथा कोई भी विकास नही किया गया। उन्होंने कहा कि गांवों को अच्छी डिस्पेंसरी, स्कूलों, दुरूस्त सीवरेज सिस्टम और जल स्तोत्र संसाधन जैसी मूलभूत सुविधाओं की सख्त जरूरत है। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा ने सरकारी नौकरियों में आयु को बढाया परन्तु नौकरियों के अवसर प्रदान नही किये जिससे शहर में रोजगार के अवसर थम गये हैं, और बेरोजगारी उत्पंन हो गई है। 

उन्होंने कहा कि गांवों को नगर निगम में शामिल किये जाने से गांववासियों में एक खौफ उत्पंन हो गया है खासकर उनका जिनके घर लाल डोरे से बाहर हैं। गांववासियों ने गांवों के विकास के लिए अलग से बजट पास करवानें की मांग की है। जिसपर पवन कुमार बंसल ने उन्हें आश्वस्त किया कि सांसद बन जाने पर वे उनकी समस्याओं को प्राथमिकता के तौर पर हल करेंगे।

Dev Samaj College of Education Holds Its 16th Convocation

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Chandigarh 29th April:- Dev Samaj College of Education Sector, 36-B, Chandigarh organized its 16th  Convocation Ceremony in  the college campus . Hon'ble Vinod Kumar Bali, former Chief Justice of Kerala High Court  was the chief guest on the occasion.. The function started with the 'lighting of Deepshikha ' and College prayer 'Bhala Chahna'.

Dr (Mrs.) Agnese Dhillion, Principal of the College welcomed the Chief Guest, declared the convocation opens and presented the Annual College Report. 

Hon'ble Vinod Kumar Bali, in his convocation address spoke about the role and importance of teachers in an individual's life. He gave away degrees to students of the B.Ed., M.Ed. and PG Diploma in Guidance & Counseling for Sessions (2015-16 & 2016-18). 350 students received their degrees. Outstanding achievers from the same batches were also honored. 

Nirmal Singh Dhillon, Secretary, Dev Samaj Society and Chairman, DSCE, congratulated all the degree holders and gave blessings for their future.

Dev Samaj College for Women Holds its 31st Annual Convocation

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Chandigarh 29th April:- The 31st Annual Convocation was held at Dev Samaj College for Women, Sec-45-B. Prof. Paramjit S. Jaswal, Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, was the Chief Guest, and Nirmal Singh Dhillon, Secretary, Dev Samaj, and Dr. Agnese Dhillon, Principal, Dev Samaj College of Education, were the Guests of Honour on this occasion.

The Convocation was declared open by Dr. Jaspal Kaur, Principal, and it began on a formal note with the academic procession, followed by the felicitation of the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour and the soulful rendition of the college prayer "Bhala Chahna Manush Matra Ka". Degrees were conferred upon 300 students of M.Com, MA (Economics), PGDCA, B.Com, BCA, BBA, B.Sc and BA. 204 students were awarded Golden Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Merit for excellence in academics.

Prof. Paramjit S. Jaswal emphasized the significance of education in today's society and highlighted the need for educating young girls and grooming them to be confident adults. Nirmal Singh Dhillon, reiterated the commitment of Dev Samaj towards women education, and congratulated the young graduates, and wished them success in life. He blessed the students as he wished "Let scientific temper live through you".

Renu Kalra, Convenor, Annual Convocation, thanked everyone for gracing the occasion with their presence.


My Parents Supports Me to Develop My Talent: Happy Singh

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Chandigarh 29th April:- Harpreet or Happy Singh is an Indian Origin and US-based Singer, rapper, songwriter, and music composer. His love for music started at an early age when he came in touch with the Hip-Hop thing, and since then it was no looking back for him. From his growing age he honed his musical skills and worked hard to gain an edge over all the aspects of music.

Happy Singh said that his encounter with Bhangra came at the age of seven and later when he was ten years old, he started learning to play dhol along with double-sided barrel drum, which is usually found in Indian music. When he was 12, he joined the middle school band and started playing the drums in it. He secured average ratings as was not able to read the music notes. Soon when his parents and teachers felt that he has the knack for music, they started supporting him to develop his talent and enter into this field. Later, he helped his parents to run the family business but his love for music stayed intact. Soon, he left his family business to focus in music and taking it as his full-time career. He successfully managed to connect Punjabi and American music to attract people. Soon his ability and distinct flair in music attracted the people in the entertainment world and that led him his first break in the world of music. His first formal break came in 2004.

Talking about his professional life he added that when he made music, it was his only addiction and he kept on moving up and reached to the new heights in the world of music. Initially, we worked with top music companies but soon he gave up doing things on his own by writing music and composing unique music. Soon he was approached by his peers like "Yo Gotti", "Jeremiah" and "Tyga" to name a few to get the music he wanted giving himself recognition.

Some of his popular musical work includes Nakhra, Give It Now, Give It To Me, and Spazz Out. Some of his upcoming songs include Need Me, Sabrina, Dance For Me, Right Now and so on. He has done several live shows and concerts not just in the US but in Europe as well.

Saturday 27 April 2019

Government College of Yoga Education and Health: 6 Day Yoga Programme Concludes

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Chandigarh 27th April:- A six day programme on the 'Role of Yoga in Different Aspects' concluded in Govt. College of Yoga Education and Health, Sector 23, Chandigarh. The programme consisted of Workshops, Seminar, Rallies and Camps.

The first day of the programme started with a workshop on mantra and Nad yoga.  On the second day of the programme the participants were made aware of the Internal and External cleanliness with shatkriya practices which is a part of internal cleansing followed by Rally on Swacchta and Cleanliness drive for the environmental cleanliness.

On the third day the knowledge about yogic mudras (psychic gestures) and acupressure  was given in the workshop to the participants.  A workshop on pranayama and meditation was conducted on the fourth day.  A lecture on 'Importance of vote and yoga' was conducted on fifth day followed by a rally on the same topic.

The programme on the sixth day concluded with a 'Power Yoga Session' and a seminar on 'Role of diet for maintaining Good Health'. The various sessions were conducted by the college under the guidance of Ms. Meetu, Dr. Gunanidhi, Ms. Anupma, Ms. Sheeraj, Sumant, Dr. Mohinder Kumar, Kulwant Singh. Around 115 people participated in the programme.

प्रवोग इवेंट करेंगे “समर ह्यूज़ पॉप-अप शो” प्रदर्शनी का आयोजन: प्रदर्शनी में होगी महिलाओं की पहली पसंद हैण्ड सिल्क और हैण्ड प्रिंटेड सूट्स

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Chandigarh 27th April:- पंचकुला स्थित जिमखाना सेक्टर -6 में 28 अप्रैल 2019 को प्रवोग इवेंटस द्वारा"समर ह्यूज़ पॉप-अप शो" प्रदर्शनी का आयोजन किया जा रहा है l जिसमे विभिन्न राज्यों के परिजनों एवं महिलाओं की खूबसूरती को और बढ़ाने के लिए जेवरात एवं घर की सुंदरता को बढ़ाने के लिए इंडोर प्लांट्स, बच्चों के कमरों को और खास सजाने के लिए सजावटी सामान भी उपलब्ध होंगे l यहाँ बच्चों से लेकर बजुर्गों तक की पसंद का ख्याल रखा गया है जो केवल एक दिन की प्रदर्शनी में उपलब्ध होगा l इस एक दिवसीय प्रदर्शनी में लोगों के मनोरंजन के लिए फैशन शो और तम्बोला का आयोजन भी किया गया है जिसका लोग काफी लुफ्त उठायेंगेl फैशन शो में मिस प्रवोग को भी चुना जायेगा l

आयोजक अंजली माकिन ओर राकेश माकिन ने बताया कि इसमें दिल्ली,कोलकाता, पंजाब, चंडीगढ़, जयपुर के परिधान व ज्वेलरी जिसे विशेष कारीगरों द्वारा बनाया गया है, को पेश किया गया हैl इस प्रदर्शनी का उद्घाटन पंचकुला लेडिस क्लब की प्रधान शारदा कठपालिया करेंगीl उन्होंने कहा कि इस प्रकार की प्रदर्शनी जिसमे लोगों को एक ही छत के नीचे विभिन्न डिजाइनों के बनाए हुए परिधानों व्  जेवरातों को खरीदने का अवसर मिले, तो महिलाएं काफी उत्साहित रहती है l  उनके मुताबिक तो ऐसी प्रदर्शनी माह में एक बार जरुर लगनी चाहिये l

और ख़ास बात यह भी है कि यह प्रदर्शनी की एंट्री बिलकुल फ्री है इसकी कोई भी चार्ज नही रखा गया है l

Friday 26 April 2019

Fortis Mohali Launches Thyroid & Breast Cancer Clinic in Patiala

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Patiala 26th April:- Fortis Hospital, Mohali launched a Thyroid and Breast Cancer Clinic at Patiala today. The clinic will help patients of the city to get a quick review as well as specialized aid from medical workers. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Naval Bansal, Endocrine & Breast Cancer Surgeon at Fortis Cancer Institute in Mohali emphasized need of such clinic which will go a long way to provide better patient care.

Dr Naval Bansal further said that the awareness around breast cancer needs to go up as preventive measures can help patients to recover quickly from one of the most common form cancers seen among urban population.  

Patients with breast cancer can have lump in breast or armpit, nipple discharge, retraction of nipple or ulcer or redness over breast. If cancer is in advance stage, she can have breathing difficulty, jaundice, bone pain, loss of appetite or weight, explained Dr Naval. Breast cancer treatment usually includes multimodality care like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Partial breast removal with breast reconstruction is emerging as the standard of care, especially in early stages. 

Dr Naval Bansal emphasized that the key mantra for prevention of breast cancer includes life- style modifications like healthy diet, weight reduction, regular exercise etc. Periodic clinical checkups by breast experts and annual mammography after 45 years of age can detect this disease at an early stage.

Thyroid cancer is also on rise in India. Neck swelling is the commonest symptoms encountered in patients with thyroid cancer. Usually these swellings are asymptomatic in early stage, so are overlooked by most of the patients. Hoarseness of voice is another symptom of thyroid cancer. Some patients cough excessively; have difficulty in breathing or difficulty in swallowing. Newer advances in thyroid surgery like key-hole surgeries (with help of robot or via laparoscope) can yield the same results with better cosmetic outcome.

LEAGOO Forays into the Indian Market: Introduced a Series of Stylish Smartphones

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Chandigarh 26th April:- LEAGOOone of the leading mobile manufacturers in China, today, announced its entry into the Indian market with the introduction of its S and M series of stylish smartphones. The brand has collaborated with Innovative Ideals and Services India LTD, which is India's most experienced electronic security solutions provider. With Innovative strong distribution and retailers' network, LEAGOO plans to capitalize on the fast-growing demand for IoT (Internet of Things) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) products and establish itself as one of the key players in the mobile-segment industry.

With a very good range of smartphones, a huge manufacturing plant with a capacity of 50,000 phones production per day and a state of the art R&D with innovations in technology, LEAGOO strives to replicate its success in the Indian market with the unveiling of the S11, M12 and M13. The S series is dubbed as the flagship variant; whilst the M variant is referred to as a fashionable full-screen smartphone.

Commenting on this launch  Kevin Liu, Chief Operating Officer, LEAGOO said that we are delighted to finally enter the Indian market, with the support of Innovative Ideals and Services LTD. The Indian market is as huge and dynamic as China, abundant with many opportunities and believes this is the right time to foray here. He added that with the evolving needs and expectations of the consumers, we have introduced our budget smartphone- S & M series. We have customized our smartphones to suit the lifestyle of Indians, which is a perfect blend of elegance and impeccable quality. We will work closely with the Innovative team to build our reach into the consumer space and enhance the preference for LEAGOO in India.

Commenting on this launch, Maqsood Shaikh, Director, Innovative Ideals and Services LTD.  explained that we are excited to partner with LEAGOO and welcome them to India, and be part of our extended family. We have always believed that it is important to understand the needs of the Indian consumer, and think LEAGOO is the perfect fit for the users. He said that after completing twenty-five years in the industry, we don't want only to grow but also want to continue delivering the best quality product and services to our consumers. Together with the LEAGOO, we are striving to win a million of hearts by bringing a smile on their faces, as LEAGOO has the innovation and we have the distribution.


पवन कुमार बंसल ने दाखिल किया अपना नामांकन पत्र: सैकड़ों की तादाद में कांग्रेसी कार्यकत्ताओं व समर्थकों ने जोश व उत्साह के साथ आयोजित किया रोड़ शो

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Chandigarh 26th April:- लोकसभा के चंडीगढ़ से कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार पवन कुमार बंसल ने पार्टी के दिग्गज नेताओं की मौजुदगी में शुक्रवार को अपना नामांकन भरा। पवन कुमार बंसल अपने समर्थकों के साथ सेक्टर 17 स्थित निर्वाचन कार्यालय में पहुंचे। इस दौरान उनके साथ उनकी पत्नी मधु बंसलवरिष्ठ कांग्रेसी नेता कवरिंग कैंडिडेट राम पाल शर्मा तथा चंडीगढ़ टैरिटोरियल कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष प्रदीप छाबड़ा, महिला कांग्रेस की प्रेसिडेंट अनिता शर्मा भी उपस्थित थी। 

नामांकंन भरने से पूर्व पवन कुमार बंसल ने सेक्टर 35 स्थित कांगे्रस भवन में पहुंचे, जहां उनका अन्य कांग्रेसी नेताओं द्वारा ढोल बजाकर पार्टी थीम सोगस गाकर उनका भव्य स्वागत किया और उनके मनोबल को बढ़ाने के लिए अपना शक्ति प्रदर्शन किया। जिसके पश्चात् उन्होंने कांग्रेसी नेताओं के इस जोश को देखकर उनका धन्यवाद दिया और कहा कि उनका मनोबल सातवें आसमान पर है।  उन्होंने इस दौरान भवन में एकत्रित हुए कांग्रेस के सभी कार्यकत्र्ता से अपील की कि रोड शो के दौरान वे यातायात कानून का पालन करें और टू व्हीलर्स कार्यकत्र्ताओं को हेलमेट पहनकर वाहन चलाने के निर्देश दिये। 

इस मौके पर कांग्रेस भवन सेक्टर 35 से एक विशाल रोड़ शो का भी आयोजन किया गया जिसमें सैकड़ों की संख्या में आये कांग्रेसी कार्यकत्र्ताओं समर्थकों ने कार, टू व्हीलर्स में सेक्टर 35 मैरिएट होटल लाईट प्वाईट से आरोमा लाईट प्वाईट से सेक्टर 23-24 सेक्टर 15-16 और फिर सेक्टर 17 स्थित निर्वाचन कार्यालय में पहुंचे। इस बीच पवन कुमार बंसल ने सेक्टर 16 स्थित गांधी स्मारक भवन में राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी जी की प्रतिमा पर फूल अर्पित किये।

नामांकन भरने के उपरांत पवन कुमार बंसल ने पत्रकारों से रू--रू होते हुए कहा कि चंडीगढ़ एक ऐसा स्थान है जहां पर मोदी फैक्टर नही, बल्कि कर्म फैक्टर को ही तवज्जों मिलती है, क्योकि चंडीगढ़ एक सूझ-बूझ पढ़े लिखों की जगह है जो कि सिर्फ अच्छे सुलझे हुए कार्यों की कदर करते हैं। उन्होंने आगे कहा कि पिछले कुछ सप्ताह में वे शहर के विभिन्न हिस्सों में गये और उन्हें यह देखकर इतनी निराशा हुई कि चंडीगढ़ में विकास का दावा करने वाली भाजपा ने कुछ भी विकास कार्यो को अपने कार्यकाल में पूरा नही किया। उन्होंनें बताया कि जिन विकास कार्यो को कांगेस ने शुरू करवाया था उनको पुन: ही रोक दिया गया। पीजीआईएमईआर में एडवांस ट्रॉमासेंटर, पीडिएट्रीक सेंटर तथा आई सेंटर की स्थापित करना कांग्रेस के कार्यकाल की ही देन है। इसके अलावा सेक्टर 16 का न्यू ब्लॉक भी कांग्रेस की ही देन है। कांगे्रस ने अपने कार्यकाल में शहर के विकास में तेजी से प्रगृति की थी, लेकिन भाजपा के आने से शहर का विकास कार्य थमा है। 

पवन कुमार बंसल ने अपने कांग्रेसी कार्यकत्र्ताओं समर्थकों के उत्साह जोश की प्रशंसा करते हुए कहा कि उन्होंने कानून के दायरे में रहकर रोड़ शो में किया। यह कांग्रेस की एकजुटता विकास के मार्ग में बढ़ता एक सराहनीय कदम है। 


GoAir Provides Respite to Chandigarh from Rising Fares

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Chandigarh 26th April:- Planning a vacation but cowed down with soaring airfares ? Worry no more–GoAir is providing respite and how! Book a ticket in next 48 hours for as low as Rs 1368 onwards all inclusive and unleash your dreams of enjoying the hard earned vacation with your dear ones. GoAir, India's fastest growing low cost carrier and 7 times best-on-time-performer has stepped in to make India FlySmart by opening up its hearts and doors to the newly launched additional 28 flights across 12 cities, including Chandigarh. Flying period:  26th April to 31st July 2019.

Jeh Wadia, Managing Director, GoAir said that GoAir strongly believes that Chandigarh deserves respite from soaring airfares during peak season. As a low cost carrier it is incumbent upon us to take initiatives that will immediately alleviate the shortage of flights and inconvenience caused to passengers due to the Jet Airway's flight cancellations. He further added that GoAir stepped in by launching additional 28 flights and went one step further by introducing 48-hours window to offer low cost fares for flights from Chandigarh. Rs 1368 onwards per ticket all inclusive is a dream come true for many.

This summer, effective 26th April 2019, passengers can "Go-for-more" with enhanced connectivity between Chandigarh and Mumbai. The daily non-stop additional flight G8-2507 will depart from Chandigarh at 19:45 hours and flight G8-2506 will depart from Mumbai at 16:30 hours. In Mumbai, all flight numbers starting from G8 2000 to G8 2999 will depart and arrive at Terminal 2, effective 26th April 2019.

World Punjabi Organisation to setup Free Skill Centre: Celebrating 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji World Wide

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Chandigarh 26th April:- World Punjabi Organisation (WPO), Chandigarh Chapter is celebrating Baisakhi with performance by folk singer Jasbir Jassi and cultural programme depicting Punjabi culture and heritage and honouring prominent Punjabis, who have done proud for humanity.

Speaking on the occasion, Padma Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney, International President of WPO announced that WPO will be opening Skill Centres in Punjab for economically weak youth of Punjab where they will get free skill training in different streams and will help them in getting jobs through industrial members of WPO. WPO and Sun Foundation, headed by Vikramjit Singh Sahney, is already running drug rehabilitation centres in Amritsar, TaranTaran and Jalandhar and are providing skills to these youth. 

Vikramjit Singh Sahney also announced that forthcoming Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th birth anniversary will be celebrated by WPO chapters in UAE, UK, USA, Canada starting from neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. where Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled spreading the message of love and peace. 

Rupinder Singh Sachdeva (President of WPO- Chandigarh Chapter), said that 'WPO is proud to celebrate Baisakhi as a mark of zeal & zest, bravery and enterprise to Punjabis. We have been doing lots of Social and Charitable activities before and also supporting the juvenile students and youth as much as we can in any form.

Davinder Singh Thapar (General Secretary- WPO- Chandigarh Chapter) and Karan Gilhotra (Treasurer- WPO- Chandigarh Chapter) added on to it by saying that it is also a platform to uplift economically weaker Punjabis for their betterment and to promote rich Punjabi culture, Folk, Language and Literature to inculcate high social values.

World Punjabi Organisation (WPO)-a non-political international body to bring about 'Punjabi Renaissance' with I.K. Gujral, former Prime Minister of India as its Chief Patron, has an outreach in over 22 countries including UK, US, Canada, Middle East, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore and SAARC Nations to foster social, economic & cultural bondage and Universal Brotherhood. Since its inception in 1999, WPO has undertaken several activities & projects like formation of World Punjabi Parliamentarian Forum, showcased mega light & sound shows like 'Bole So Nihal', 'Guru ManyoGranth', 'Satguru Nanak Pargatya' & 'Sarbansdani' globally; Helping '84 sikh riot victims families by organising marriages of their daughters; celebrating Guru Nanak Devji's birthday celebrations at President & Prime Minister's house and recently organised Premier of film 'KESARI' - based on the true story of one of the bravest battles that India ever fought – the Battle of Saragarhi fought by 21 brave Sikhs against 10,000 Afghan invaders and promoted it internationally.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Indian Women Cricket Team Revealed Why It is Superstitious

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Chandigarh 26th April:- This weekend will be one of the most exciting ones on Sony Entertainment Television's The Kapil Sharma Show. Fans and viewers will witness the entry of our, 'Pride of India', honorable members from the  Indian Women Cricket Team, Captain Mithali Raj, Veda Krishnamurthy and Jhulan Goswami amongst the team who will be gracing the sets of the show and will bring laughter riots to the viewers in abundance. On the show, the trio will be seen interacting and entertaining the audience while sharing their experiences and funny stories of their time on ground , in the dressing room and many more with Kapil.

On asked by Kapil, if the Indian women cricket team likes to apply make-up while playing on-ground like other cricketers from around the world, Mithali Raj said that during bowling, she put 'Kajal' and go to play on-ground. She further added that the whole team is superstitious, like if one member from the team cuts the hair there is a possibility that they will take more wickets.

With more revelations from the world class players, viewers are sure to catch a story of an amazing journey from the members of The Indian Women Cricket Team on The Kapil Sharma Show.