Thursday 20 July 2023

Brookfield International School Observe Mission Hariali-2023

By 121 News
Mohali, July 20, 2023:-Brookfield International School has honoured by Apna Punjab foundation for participate in the prestigious environmental Initiative.  As a Sustainable Development Goals aware school, Brookfield International School actively promotes sustainable practices and environmental awareness among its students and staff. The school has organized events centered on tree plantation, ACT NOW campaigns, and Environment Day celebrations School staff & students participated this event by planting different type of trees and plant in & around the school campus. The school children whole heartily took part in the event and pledged to look after the trees planted by them. They also promised to plant tree in the city wherever it is feasible to get appropriate piece of land for plantation.


Apna Punjab foundation & federation of private schools and associations of Punjab appreciated the efforts of the school for its contribution for the creation of a sustainable environment. Director of the school Manav singla said at the moment that the main aim of tree plantation was to make the Citizens aware about the hazards of pollution and the need for planting more trees so as to save our earth. He further also discouraged the usage of paper bags and make city plastic free.

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