Thursday 20 July 2023

AIPL DreamCity Gobindgarh-Khanna Successfully Aards off Flood Waters

By 121 News
Chandigarh, July 20, 2023:-At a time when Punjab has been reeling under the scare of floods, AIPL DreamCity Gobindgarh-Khanna has been able to save over 140 families from the onslaught of rainwater entering the township and submerging it. Further, the alertness of the staff ensured that the situation was under control in the township for over 27 hours and no untoward mishap occurred.

Lauding the efforts of the employees of AIPL DreamCity Gobindgarh-Khanna Shamsheer Singh Director AIPL stated that Punjab has been a state of constant rain and floods over the past few days. This led to more than 5 feet water getting accumulated on the other side of the highway across the railway track towards Alor Village. To avoid any untoward mishap, the local authorities released water by opening the `pully'. This led water to start gushing towards AIPL DreamCity Gobindgarh-Khanna.   Our alert employees created temporary trenches all around AIPL, both the commercial and residential township.  These trenches directed the water towards the empty plots of the judicial complex and the existing water bodies of the village behind the township. AIPL is committed to the welfare of its customers and lived up to its pledge of customer comfort and safety being its first priority.

AIPL DreamCity Gobindgarh-Khanna is spread over 80 acres and houses over 140 families. The residential township has over 350 plots. The grim flood scenario was also averted due to advance equipment which was put into use to redirect the water towards other local water bodies.

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