Friday 11 June 2021

PGIMER to Mark Yoga Day Celebrations through the Campaign ‘Yoga Hi-BP Bye’

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Chandigarh, June 11, 2021:- The Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health(DCM & SPH), PGIMER in collaboration with the CCRYN-Centre for Mind Body Medicine for Yoga intervention, PGIMER, Chandigarh is organizing a social media campaign "Yoga Hi! BP Bye!!" from 14th to 21st June, 2021. This exclusive campaign aims to strengthen the prevention and management of Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs'), especially Hypertension through Yoga and other related activities.

Dr. Sonu Goel, Professor, Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh, the Chief Coordinator of this campaign said that hypertension is a major public health problem and is an important risk factor for stroke, coronary heart disease and renal failure. Management of hypertension through medicine should be supplemented with appropriate diet, physical exercise and mindfulness. There is a need for less expensive non-pharmacological alternatives to control blood pressure. Yoga can be such a 'cost-effective alternative'. This campaign has been conceptualized to mark the upcoming International Day of Yoga, 2021 which is celebrated every year on 21st June, 2021.

Dr. Akshay Anand, Professor In Charge, CCRYN Centre for Mind Body Medicine by Yoga intervention, and Professor, Department of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh said that a recent scientific statement of American Heart Association also suggests that it is reasonable for all individuals with blood pressure levels more than 120/80 mm Hg to consider alternative approaches like transcendental meditation and yoga as adjunct methods to lower blood pressure, which not only brings happiness but also enhances the immune system that protects you against COVID-19 infection.

Dr Nidhi Jaswal, Technical Coordinator (Hypertension), SMHSP Project, Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh shared that the one-week campaign would consist of diverse activities and contests.

The Department will organize open and free yoga classes entitled '21 minutes yoga till 21' which will include power yoga, laughter yoga, chair yoga, face yoga, bhangra yoga, Zumba, meditation and pranayama, etc. In addition to this, contests like slogan writing, short yoga video and 'Yoga Asana Pose' photo contest will also be conducted during the event. Evidence-based awareness materials including posters,pamphlets, brochures and handbooks on the related topic will be developed in three languages- English, Hindi and Punjabi. The same will be distributed in various educational and professional organizations, public and private offices, etc.

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