Monday 21 June 2021

Health Facilities and Policies Turned into Joke: Selja

By 121 News
Chandigarh, June 21, 2021:-State Congress President Kumari Selja has said that health facilities and government policies in Haryana have turned into a  joke.  In a statement released on Monday, Kumari Selja,  making a big attack on the government, said that the people of the state have faced two rounds of Corona tragedy, the third wave can wreak havoc anytime but permanent medical facilities are not being provided by government.

        Making a special mention of Gurugram, she said that crores of rupees are being spent randomly on temporary medical facilities.  How much was spent in total, for whom was it spent, how many got health benefits?  No one is ready to tell.  It is not clear who is accountable?  Everything is in the dark.

   Kumari Selja said that corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund is being misused heavily. It should be investigated immediately.  She alleged that the officers are arbitrarily using this fund on the behest of the government. Such autocracy of officials is possible only under Khattar's rule. In Gurugram, nine oxygen plants and 550-bed temporary covid care centers were arranged from CSR fund, but how much money was spent, even the CMO does not know.

  The State Congress president said that in the second wave in the state, 40 percent of corona cases came from Gurugram district, a large number of deaths occurred, but the government is showing shameful apathy and hypocrisy in setting up a permanent medical infrastructure in the cyber city.  The Chief Medical Officer himself has admitted that at present there is no new proposal for permanent health facility or hospital for Gurugram.

     What can be more shameful than this that in the last seven years, in Gurugram, which contributes the most to the state's exchequer, not even a single new dispensary was built in the last seven years. The condition of Gurugram Headquarter Hospital is worse than ruins.  Due to the poor condition of the hospitals and dispensaries located in the sub-divisions of the district, the health of the general public is in severe danger.

                Selja said, it is unfortunate that when the corona was at its peak, no covid care center was set up for any patient and now, when  wrath of corona is almost reduced, the entire state is flooded with covid centers.

    Selja said that in the name of health facilities, crores of rupees are being poured but nobody can realise the utility. A 'khela' (big game) is on.

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