Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Startup India Project: "Leeyo’s Oxy Water“ Launcher under the project: Destroys bacteria ( E-Coli), Maintains pH Level, Does not alter TDS

Startup India Project:  "Leeyo's Oxy Water" Launcher under the project: 

Destroys bacteria ( E-Coli): 

Maintains pH Level:

Does not alter TDS, 

Chandigarh :(.                  )With immense pleasure, we would like to introduce ourselves as a Startup India company manufacturing "Leeyo's Oxy Water "a patented device (2018) which re-oxygenates and purifies water and does not alter the TDS level of water, henceforth minerals such as Calcium, magnesium, etc remain intact. This was stated by Mr. Yogesh Dhall, inventor of the "Leeyo's Oxy Water".

While giving more detail about the invention, Yogesh Dhall said that our vision is to serve the world with high quality, safe oxygenated, mineralized, and soft water without any hassles and maintenance.
He added further that staying focused on our vision we would like to share the salient features of our device, which is Increases dissolved oxygen, No water wastage, Destroys bacteria ( E-Coli),Maintains pH Level, Does not alter TDS, Controls Biological oxygen Demand (BOD), Easy to install, No residue and moreover it is Water softener.
Yogesh Shall said that apart from the salient features a few more benefits I would like to mention that when you drink the water, your body doesn't have to waste its energy to digest, it simply absorbs the water and water becomes tastier and healthier to drink, The quantity of water required for various activities reduces and Prevents and removes E-COLI bacteria.

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