Thursday, 6 August 2020

Akali-BJP Leaders Hand in Glove with Liquor Mafia: Barinder Dhillon

By 121 News
Chandigarh, August 06, 2020:-Squarely blaming the SAD-BJP alliance for sheltering the perpetrators of the hooch tragedy in the state, the President of Punjab Youth Congress Barinder Dhillon today said that pics of liquor smuggler with Akali-BJP leadership has vindicated the stand of Congress that this illegal Bussiness flourished under their open patronage.
        In a statement issued here today, the President of Punjab Youth Congress said that the main perpetrator of hooch tragedy in Batala Triveni Chauhan had deep links with the alliance leaders and her Bussiness bloomed during the decade long misrule of Akali leadership. He said that the pictures of Chauhan with senior Akali leaders including former Ministers Gulzar Singh Ranike and BiBi Jagir Kaur, former Chief Parliamentary Secretary Gurbachan Singh Babbehali, MLA Batala Lakhbir Singh Lodhinangal and others indicated that the Akali leaders were hand in glove with the liquor mafia that operated in the state. Barinder Dhillon said that as a fact of matter the Akali-BJP alliance ensured that free flow for the mafia during their misrule.
       Quipping on the misleading statements being made by Akali-BJP leaders regarding the involvement of Congress leaders in this, the President of Punjab Youth Congress said that 'pot was telling kettle black' as the entire country knew that every type of mafia flourished during the SAD-BJP regime. He said that not only this but the Akali leadership gave plum postings to Chauhan during their stint in government. Barinder Dhillon said that in order to shirk it's responsibility the Akali-BJP alliance was issuing baseless statements which were far away from reality.
The President of Punjab Youth Congress reiterated that the commitment of the state government led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to ensure that scourge of drugs was wiped out from the state. He said that the Chief Minister has already ordered the registration of cases under section 302 against the smugglers involved in this man made tragedy. Barinder Dhillon said that no stone would be left unturned for this noble cause and the perpetrators of this heinous crime however affluent they might be would not be spared at any cost.

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