Tuesday 30 October 2018

21,000 Beneficiaries are Getting Social Security Pensions Under Different Pension Schemes: Ramdas Athawale

By 121 News

Chandigarh 30th October:- Ramdas Athawale, Hon'ble Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India visited Chandigarh today to discuss the schemes and issues relating to Scheduled Caste, Other Backward Class and Persons with Disability. The Hon'ble Minister held a meeting with the officers of the Social Welfare Department, during which Secretary Social Welfare, UT, Chandigarh was also present.   

The Director Social Welfare welcomed Hon'ble Minister on behalf of the Chandigarh Administration and briefed him about the schemes and issues relating to the SC/OBC.  Hon'ble Minister was also apprised that Chandigarh being a small city state, the number of cases of atrocities against SCs is quite negligible. Regarding payment of relief/compensation to the victim of the atrocity, it has informed that a clarification has been sought from Government of India, but reply in the matter has not been received, so far. The Hon'ble Minister assured that the reply in the matter from Government of India will be sent shortly.

It has also informed that during the year 2018-19, funds amounting to Rs.40.00 Lakh received from the Government of India for the scheme Inter-caste Marriage have been fully utilized. Further it was shared that approximately 21,000 beneficiaries are getting social security pensions under different pension schemes viz. Old Age/ Widow/ Disabled / Dependent Children of Widows/Destitute Women.

State Liaison Officer of Scholarship Schemes informed the Hon'ble Minister that funds amounting to Rs.12.00 Crore (approximate) under scholarship schemes relating to Scheduled Caste/Other Backward Class have not yet been received from Government of India. The Hon'ble Minister has given assurance for an early release of pending funds under Scholarship Schemes.

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