Saturday 31 January 2015

Kinder Pillar School organize Workshop on Positive Parenting

By 121 News Reporter

Chandigarh 31st January:- The Kinder pillar School organized Positive Parenting workshop. As many as 500 parents from tricity participated in this seminar. The key note speaker at the moment was Prof. Ellen Booth who discussed various facets of Positive Parenting. She gave detailed information about how to facilitate the development of positive behavior including brain development, Social development and Learning Development in pre school children.

With over 25 years of documented research, Prof.Booth, a world renowned author of books on Early Childhood Learning and Education discussed the crucial "first 2000 days" to create strong synaptic connections in the brain. She stressed on the need to create a balance mix between activities and materials that bring out the natural learner in each child. The parents also enjoyed the Question Answer session found answers of their related concerns.

 In the second session tempting tiffin ideas were demonstrated by Chef M. Dudy Reny, the Executive Chef at the Wellcom Bellavista. His repertoire of recipes included a cold and hot ensemble.  The 12 recipes that he demonstrated were not only tempting and innovative but were very easy to make too. The next session was conducted by Sonia Channi academia for over 25 years told about the concerns related to the increased internet usage by children in their pre teen particularly under the age of 9yrs. Later, how socio economic changes in the family structures contributed to eroding the children's outdoor play time were explained. Then, secret tool for maximizing the benefits of internet usage was Surf, Select and suggest; various websites for a positive impact on the child's learning and the way to minimizing the threats would be "Sharing, Setting guidelines and learning to say No" were discussed.


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