Friday 30 May 2014


By 1 2 1 News Reporter

Chandigarh 30th May:-- Hallmark Public School, Panchkula has taken a unique initiative by introducing aero-modeling and Aircraft Designing both to the school students . Accordingly the students of classes seven upwards have been put through a dozen sessions in the art of aeromodeling & Aircraft Designing under Daaman Joyia, an Expert in the field. The workshops culminated with a grand finale that saw students putting their self made 'Gliders' into the air and getting a high from it.


Mrs. Kavita Wadhwa, Principal, Hallmark Public School, said that they wanted to familiarize their students with this career learning opportunity. They saw 100% participation from students who became part of the Workshops with enthusiasm. The school bought special kits of balsa wood chuck gliders for all students to give them a real life experience of designing and engineering gliders and aeromodelling.  The initial few sessions focused on imparting theoretical knowledge about Principals of Physics that govern designing and flying of aircraft. These also taught the theorems employed in the science of flying and information on major parts of an Aircraft. The latter sessions were used to build Aero models (Chuck Gliders) by using Balsa wood.


Jivtesh Garg, Director, Hallmark Public School, said that all materials required in aero modeling were used. Construction of the 40 cm Balsa Glider from kits was undertaken. The students experimented with different wing configurations. The grand finale saw students proudly putting into flight their prized Glider models.


Daaman Joyia, The Aeromodelling Expert who conducted the workshops, said that the hard work put in by students was rewarded when they saw the Chuck Gliders made by them take flight. The gliders, made from light weight Balsa Wood were a treat to watch as they soared into the air on being chucked. He added that cutting Techniques for Balsa which included cutting the design from the wood, sanding & smoothing techniques, sanding & smoothing the Cut Balsa Designs, putting it all together, discussing concepts of balance and Centre of Gravity affecting Flight, techniques to Chuck, Chuck & Catapult Launch etc were all undertaken by the students during the workshops.




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