Thursday 28 November 2013



By 1 2 1 News Reporter

Chandigarh 28th November:--- Gurukul Vidyapeeth Institute of Engineering & Technology is an institute with great social responsibility and the institute awarded with the best institute for excellence in innovation in Punjab . Gurukul Vidyapeeth announces admissions in January 2014 in all the courses in engineering and management besides the routine admission of July August.  . This move is aimed at saving  six valuable months of students who get their results late and therefore not able to get their admission in July 2013. This initiative will help students from the rural areas even and those who were not able to get the admissions due to the lack of knowledge or some financial constraints.  Gurukul Vidyapeeth achieves another milestone by entering into an memorandum of understanding with Central Bank of India for providing education loan to the financial week students. 


Ms. Abhilasha Negi ,Manager Gurukul Vidyapeeth, said that this comes as the boon to the students who have missed therir admission due to any of the reason such as lack of knowledge , financial constraints or late results  . Moreover he said this will also help the students who wish to change their stream, college or university for any reason. All such students will be admitted to the second semester in January session against vacant seats. He further said that  in case of some engineering branches & other courses where certain prerequisite study is required such study will be offered during summer vacations( July –August) For B. Tech Courses  students admitted in januvary in second semester will complete their second semester first and syllabus does not have mandatory condition to study first semester prior to the second. Therefore these students in the second semester will attend classes with the existing batches admitted in the July –August. They may be allowed to complete their first semester along with students of immediate lower batch. A separate batch will start for the student admitted during January from 3rd semester to complete there degree in minimum time duration. i.e four years as prescribed by AICTE.


Er.Baljot Kaur, HOD of IT Deptt.Gurukul Vidyapeeth, Outreach  informed about he Memorandum of Understanding entered by Gurukul Vidyapeeth Institute of Engineering & Technology with Central Bank of India for providing education loan to the students studying at Gurukul Vidyapeeth. He said that now students who are good in academic excellence and cannot continue their study due to financial constraints can nor pursue their study in one of the most prestigious institutes of Punjab. He said it will be the responsibility of the institute to provide the education loan to the students to the tune of Rs. 3.75 lacs per student for the entire course. The institute will give an corporate guarantee  on the Loan document of the student.


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