Friday 30 August 2013

Use Steam and Solar Energy With Modern Equipments To Cook Mid Day Meal:Administrator Shivraj V. Patil

By 1 2 1 News Reporter

 Chandigarh, 30th August: ----To discuss the arrangements for bettering the quality of food given to students under the mid day meal scheme, Governor of Punjab and Administrator U.T. Chandigarh, Shivraj V. Patil hold a meeting with the official of UT Administration.

Shivraj V. Patil suggested that their kitchens should be modernized and made safe, to cook food. The Schools which are cooking the food were asked to have kitchens and dining rooms and special employees to serve the food to the students. He suggested that cooking should be done by using steam and solar energy with modern equipments. The cleaning of the utensils should also be done by using modern machines. He said there are nearly 75 thousand students who were given mid day meal as rest of the students were taking their meals with the items they bring from their homes.

The Administrator asked the suppliers of the cooking food which are government bodies, to prepare proposals for modern equipment for this purpose and asked the Finance Secretary and other officers to put up the proposal for the procurement of this equipment and provide them funds by following necessary procedures. He asked the suppliers of the food to be extra careful and to see that the food is cooked in a proper manner. He fixed the time limit within which these steps should be taken.



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