Thursday 20 July 2023

Anirban Das Records the Highest Cash Prize Won by any Indian at the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

By 121 News
Chandigarh, July 20, 2023:-One of India's renowned poker players, Anirban Das, recently created history by becoming the first Indian to win a cash prize of a whopping $430,200 in the World Series of Poker 2023. Anirban earned the spot to represent India at the prestigious WSOP held in Vegas, USA by winning a silver medal at The National Poker Series India 2023 hosted on PokerBaazi. He ran an eventful 8-day feat at the WSOP where he battled with the best poker players from across the world and settled for rank 16th in the main event that witnessed a massive 10,000 entries at this prestigious event.


Anirban, a product manager, has spent over a decade playing, practising and honing his poker skills. His inkling for strategic thinking and intellectual games, like chess, naturally drew him towards sports. After years of dedication and skill development, Anirban decided to pursue poker professionally. Anirban firmly believes that poker serves as the ultimate test of analytical thinking under stressful conditions. This valuable skill set extends beyond the poker table and has significant relevance in other disciplines.


Congratulating Anirban on his feat at the World Series of Poker, Navkiran Singh, Founder & CEO, at Baazi Games commented that he is elated to hear that Anirban has ranked 16th in the battle of the champions proudly placing India on the world map. At PokerBaazi, we will continue with our endeavor to extend a safe, robust and engaging ecosystem to help players like Anirban to represent India and continue to make notable strides in the world poker community.


Anirban Das shared that he is elated and filled with gratitude for the kind of love and support that he has received from the community in the last week at the World Series of Poker. His feat at the WSOP marks as one of the best scores that he have recorded in his tenure as a poker player. The opportunity and the feeling to put India on the map by securing rank 16th is unmatched and wouldn't have been possible without platforms like National Poker Series India providing excellent opportunities to players like him. He is certain that this achievement will only encourage more Indians to participate in the series and win the coveted bracelet next year.



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