Wednesday 28 June 2023

Trident Group Rolls out ‘My Love for Home’ Campaign Featuring Actress Roshni Chopra

By 121 News
Chandigarh, June 28, 2023:-Homes are no longer just the place we eat and sleep in or return to from a busy day at work. It has evolved into multi-functional living, turning this space into a true escape, a retreat from the outside world where one can relax and unwind and forget about everyday stresses. Trident Group, one of the largest state-of-the-art and integrated home textiles manufacturers globally has come up with a new campaign #MyLoveForHome under its brand myTrident.

Featuring popular actress and TV Host Roshni Chopra, the brand has rolled out engaging social media video series captivating home decor enthusiasts to curate their home spaces that define their unique personality. Giving a sneak peek into the actress' bedroom, the film showcases her love for home featuring Trident's latest collection of Indulgence bedsheets crafted with luxurious finish coupled with superior quality and fine designs. Thereby, presenting an alluring space that exudes luxury and a perfect dream at-home retreat by injecting some opulence with statement interior design choices.

Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Roshni Chopra said that to her, home is more than just four walls. It's a place where she can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with herself. It's a place where she can be herself. And she loves how myTrident home décor products help her in creating a space that represents my personality and style. They're excellent in quality, opulent, and chic, and help me create a home that she enjoy s returning to. She couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of myTrident's #MyLoveForHome campaign."

The #MyLoveforHome series by myTrident encompasses three exceptional collections: Indulgence, Sanskriti & Nectarsoft. The collection features a captivating assortment of bed sheets, towels and luxury rugs representing the epitome of opulence and sophistication. Designed to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of any room, myTrident's commitment to being a one stop solution for fashionable home décor items are perfectly embodied in these series.

myTrident provides affordable and accessible luxurious products featuring a wide range from towels, bedsheets, bathrobes, rugs, comforters and many more. Designed to provide its customers an easy shopping experience, the website offers a plethora of benefits that allow customers to save time and shop for the best price simultaneously.

The mesmerizing presentation from Roshni Chopra with 'My Love for Home' series inspires the viewers to experience the luxury of Indulgence, carefully crafted to give one a feeling of opulence and comfort. The series helps the viewers get inspiration to create their own luxurious sanctuaries defining their unique love for home.

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