Friday 29 April 2022

Meeting of Chandigarh Congress Councilors Held

By 121 News
Chandigarh April 29, 2022:-A meeting of Municipal Councilors of Chandigarh Congress was held at Chandigarh Congress Bhawan, Sector 35, Chandigarh under the leadership of Subhash Chawla, President Chandigarh Congress to discuss the Party's stand on some recent developments in the city.

It was unanimously resolved that the Chandigarh Congress shall continue to oppose the exhorbitant increase in Water Tariff imposes on the people of Chandigarh both within the Corporation and outside and take steps to get it withdrawn.

The Congress Councillors accused the BJP of going back on its poll promise in December 2021 that it would not increase water tariff, if elected. The BJP is burdening people with back-breaking increase in water tariff by making a false promise to supply 24 x7 water supply. Such a continuous supply can easily be brought about without increasing the tariff, the Councillors declared.  

The Congress Councillors also castigated the Aam Admi party, who got their 14 councillors, elected on the  promise of providing 20000 litres of free water to each huuse hold in the city. The AAP councillors are now hand in glove with the BJP in supporting their  anti-people agenda. The occasional protests by the AAP councillors is like paying a mere lip service to the cause.

Further, the Congress Councillors lashed out at the Municipal Corporation for sending notices to the city residents, imposing interest and Penalty on Property tax. The people are made to pay penalties and high rate of Property tax due to ineficiency and negligence of  the officers, of the Corporation, which should immediately be reversed, the councillors added.

The meeting ended with a resolve to always stand by the people of Chandigarh and agitate their issues to safeguard their interst and welfare.

Those who attended the meeting  included Subhash Chawla, President CTCC, Gurbax Rawat, Jasbir Bunty,  Gurpreet Gapi, Nirmala  Devi, Darshana, Gurcharanjit Singh, Sachin Galav and Rajiv Sharma, spokesperson Chandigarh Congress.

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