Monday 12 July 2021

PGI Employee’s Union Election To Be Held on July 14

By 121 News

Chandigarh July 12, 2021:- The Election committee of the PGI employees Union (Non-Faculty) Regd. No. 156 of 1978 has declared elections for 14.07.2021 in the meeting held on 28.06.2021 and keeping in view the permission still awaited for venue for holding the elections due to CoVID-19 instructions.

The Election committee has decided to go ahead with the elections virtually through whatsapp by sending the duly filled postal ballot paper on mobile number of the Chief Electoral Officer duly filed by the voters keeping in view the necessity of Elections for the ongoing period and dissolving of earlier panel dated 02.06.2021.

This is for the first time in the history that inspite of the various constraints / hurdles due to pandemic epidemic COVID-19 and maintaining the precautionary measures, virtual postal elections have been declared for 14.07.2021.

All the eligible voters will now be able to send their ballot paper through whatsapp on 14.07.2021 within stipulated time frame 08:30 A.M. till 05:00 P.M. and the ballot papers will be bearing proper details of the employee authenticating the actual voter casting the vote. This decision will ensure hassle free, pandemic precautionaries as well as fool proof election procedure without engagement of the various resources required for holding the elections.

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