Thursday 1 July 2021

Desh Bhagat Global School organizes an Online Abacus Workshop

By 121 News

Chandigarh July 01, 2021:- The students of Desh Bhagat Global School attended the "Abacus Workshop" in the presence of Charu Sharma (Abacus Teacher) and it was organized by Nidhi Garg, owner of SIP ABACUS, NAI ABADI, KHANNA. There are various benefits of attending this workshop. It promotes whole brain development through brain gym, improves calculation skills, develops concentration, enhances problem-solving ability, improves memory power, reduces stress, develops visualization skills, and improves fundamentals of learning. Principal Neha Dhall encouraged all the students to be a part of this workshop.

Chairman Dr.Zora Singh said that there should be such interactive activities that help to engage children in fun and enhance the confidence level of students. Secretary Madam Dr.Tejinder Kaur added that this is a way to explore a new way to learn mathematical skills.

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