Monday 7 June 2021

Desh Bhagat Global School organizes Online Summer Camp

By 121 News
Chandigarh June 07, 2021:-Desh Bhagat Global School Mandi Gobindgarh is organizing an online summer camp. Cooking, Music, and Art activities were organized in the camp along with yoga activities for students of various classes. Chairman Dr. Zora Singh explained the purpose of organizing Summer Camp as the cultural and educational development of children. Also, it allows children to learn new skills in a nurturing and safe environment. Secretary of the school Tejinder Kaur motivated all children to be more active in participating in various activities. These activities help them in developing their self-esteem in the absence of their academic performance.
Giving details of the summer camp, the spokesperson of the School said that the Cooking activity was arranged for students of classes 3rd to 12th. The teachers guided students on how to cook various food items by using the different ingredients. The students of DBGS showed great interest in the preparation of cooking items. Music activity was also organized from class Nursery to 12th in which music teachers taught the basics of good singing. The students looked thrilled and took active participation in this activity.
Art activities are a terrific way for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively, so the school organized painting activity and also we conducted a session on the art of paper cutting. All students participated in all the activities. Children looked enthusiastic to make items from paper. 
He further said that series of sessions is planned for children. Physical activity is essential at all times, and even more during this period when everyone is housebound. Online physical education classes keep students active and sure they don't lose touch with their skills. So DBGS conducted online yoga activities to help the children to beat boredom by providing them something worthwhile to engage in. 
Principal Neha Dhall said that summer camp activities are very important because students learn via practical knowledge which is far greater than theoretical knowledge. Above all, the children learned some of the important lessons of life in an online summer camp. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all are now dependent on the online structure and have been following strict government restrictions. As offline sessions are not possible in the current situation, so special online activities have been designed for the students.

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