Thursday 24 June 2021

AAP Leader Chander Mukhi Sharma Launches Free Sapling Drive: 1.11 Lakh Saplings to be Distributed

By 121 News
Chandigarh, June 24, 2021:- Strongly advocating the need for taking care of the environment by raising awareness while giving priority to the health and wellness of residents, especially in the Covid scenario Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Shri Chander Mukhi Sharma on Thursday announced the launch of an initiative for distributing 1.11 lakh plant saplings free of cost to residents of the city.

Chandermukhi Sharma said that planting of trees, including those of medicinal value, fruits, flowers etc., was important in the present pandemic times as it would lead to the overall well-being of the society.

 The initiative, which will continue for over a month, would see 1.11 lakh plants (medicinal/flowers/fruits ) being distributed free of cost to residents of Union Territory of Chandigarh. We will distribute in a phased manner outside all the religious institutions(Mandirs/Gurudwaras/Masjids/churches etc) 

He said that through this earnest endeavour to give back to the environment, the initiative aims to actively aid and support our environmental conservation efforts under the 'People's First' & Organic Sharing NGO's through the distribution of plants to Chandigarh residents. The initiative has been launched with a meaningful purpose in mind.

He said that successful distribution of over 800 plants had been carried out outside Sector 27 mandir in less than an hour and the event witnessed great response and participation by people. 

Chandermukhi said that a healthy environment helps to promote clean air, water, sanitation, and green spaces while enhancing people's quality of life. Chandigarh is a piece of heaven bestowed upon us and we should strive to maintain its glory as well as continue adding to the wellness of our people. We should continue advocating the upkeep and relevant use of plants that add to a healthy environment and way of life.
He added that the details of all distribution upcoming of plants will be announced a week in advance on the social media pages to ensure that residents of the UT have prior information of the venue and time of the event.
He further announced that a dedicated WhatsApp number 9041773096 through which NGO's/RWA's/Market Associations/Societies/Religious institutions/ Charitable Institutions etc. can message and request for plants, which will be distributed to them by AAP volunteers in their respective institutions. 

 Chander Mukhi Sharma added that Plants are a critical resource because of the many ways they support life on Earth. Studies have also been carried out globally to verify the efficacy of plants with medicinal value, highlighting their vital role in disease prevention, as well as how their promotion and use fit into all existing disease-prevention strategies. He said that we must continue to contribute towards reducing carbon footprint and set a positive environmental impact. Each one of us should take the lead in spreading the word on the importance of environmental responsibility that promotes green initiatives and benefits our environment at large.

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