Friday 14 May 2021

Website Launched to Find Medicines, Critical Equipments in Nearby Area

By 121 News

Chandigarh, May 14, 2021:-Amid raging Covid-19 second wave, OkCredit, has announced the launch of a website, to help people in distress discover verified leads for Covid-19 critical medicines and equipment. The portal provides real-time information on the availability of medicines pan-India besides the contact number of the store for making enquiries. Users can search for availability by either entering the location name or the pincode on the portal.

The company is open-sourcing data of over 2-lakh pharmacy stores and businesses on its platform. These stores and businesses sell medical products and services such as Fabiflu tablets, oximeters, O2 beds, normal beds, steamers, antibiotics, zinc/vitamin, and oxygen used for treating Covid-19 patients. The data on oxygen and beds has been crowd sourced, whereas the data on medicines is from pharmacy stores on OkCredit's platform. also allows pharmacy stores and businesses that are not on the OkCredit platform to register themselves on the website.

Besides the pharmacy search tool, OkCredit is also encouraging people to volunteer for Covid-19 SOS requests. Known as Co Aid Volunteer, the platform lists out volunteering opportunities for people. These could be oxygen or bed requirements, medicine needs etc. One can search through Covid resources on various platforms to help out such people in need.

Harsh Pokharna, co-founder and CEO of OkCredit said that we are committed to leveraging our deeper and wider reach within the pharmacy stores and businesses to facilitate the availability of essential drugs and equipment used for treating Covid-19 patients.

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