Tuesday 20 April 2021

The Electricity Employees Observe Complete Strike against Privatization of UT Electricity Department

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Chandigarh April 20, 2021:- The Electricity employees of Chandigarh under the banner of UT Powermen Union Chandigarh under the banner of UT Powermen Union Chandigarh today observe complete strike against the privatization of well running and profit earning UT Electricity Department Chandigarh. The strikebegins 00.00 hrs. on 19.04.2021 and will continue till tonight 00.00 Hrs. on 20.04.2021. During strike no any complaints have been lodged nor attended complaints and breakdown, neither any work has been carried out in office including correction, distribution and metering etc. The administration deployed some SDO and Junior Engineers of Electrical Department but they remain failed to restore the breakdowns.

Employees in morning gathered before their respective office and raised slogan against the Government of India and Chandigarh Administration and further proceed towards Sector 17 the Venue of the Rally of striking Employees. A massive rally of strikers held before Electricity Office Sector 17, Chandigarh, in which the leaders and employees affiliate to Federation also participate beside the leaders of sister organizations.

Gopal Datt Joshi, Gen. Secretary, Dhian Singh President, Amrik Singh, Pan Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Sukhwinder Singh and Ranjit Singh while addressing the rally congratulate the Electricity Employees for the hundred percent successful strike and strongly criticize the privatization policy of the Govt. of India and blame that Govt. of India during the Covid-19 pandemic place the draft Electricity Amendment Bill 2020, which was not placed before the parliament and without waiting the passing of the 2020 bill decide to privatize the functioning of discom's of all 8 UT's including Chandigarh, which is against the provision of Electricity Act 2003, while opposing the bidding process of UT Chandigarh he strongly condemned the Chandigarh Administration for gross violation of Rules Resolution and Acts and demanded to scrape the bidding system. He further said that UT electricity Department is generating profit since last 5 years, last year department earn profit Rs. 258 Cr. And this year Rs. 117 Cr line loss 9.51% last year & current year 13.5 (excluding IST loss), which is below the 15% target fix by MoP. The rate in Rs. 2.75 up to 1st 150 units. No single paisa has been enhanced since the last 5 years & bagged best utility award since last 5 years. Even with acute shortage of men & material the standard performance is being implemented 100% and providing 24x7 Hr uninterrupted power supply to its consumer thus there is no any reason to sale the 100% share of the department to private money monger.  

Raghbir Chand President, Rajinder Katoch Sr. Vice President, Bhim Sen, Harkesh Chand, Bihari Lal, Bishram, Sohan Singh while blaming the Chandigarh Administration said that the Chandigarh Administration open the tenders violating all the rules and procedure of bidding system, even in absence of Nodal Officer appointed for the purpose and demanded CBI Inquiry of entire bidding process and  said that the Chandigarh Administration on one side stating that uniform policy will be adopted in case of all the UT's but in contradiction of the statement it has again started the process again violating the term & Condition of bidding process and said that it is objectionable that when a bidding process has been started and date of sale of RFP have been finalized then it is illegal to amend the RFP Documents after the finalization of bidders, it can only be possible atleast before 45 days of the sale of RFP. Thus, strongly demanded to cancel the entire bidding process but it is unfortunate that instead of cancellation of entire bidding system,, the Administration directed to open the bids even in absence of Nodal Officer which is matter of high level inquiry.  The speakers further said that the amount of Security / ACD amount rupees 157 Crore is being handed over to private operators, similarly the GPF of Employees is being transferred to Private Trust (the step of decision will loose the employees and consumers) beside other financial losses.

Ujagar Singh Mohi and Manmohan Singh (Pensioner's Association), Sukhvir Singh, Bipin Sher Singh, Balwinder Singh, Ashwani Kumar, Ranit Mishra, Ashok Kumar, Raja Ram, also address the protest. All the leaders while addressing the protest warned the Administration that if the entire bidding process will not be cancelled then all the organizations will back and support the future agitation of Electricity Employees and blamed that the Chandigarh Administration will be fully responsible for any inconvenience to the public due to agitation as the Administration remain miserably failed to resolve the issues and violating all the norms and guidelines of CVC while operating Bidding process. The rally passed a resolution that if the bidding process will not be stopped then union in its meeting announced the indefinite call of strike involving all the sections of society.             

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