Wednesday, 4 November 2020


By 121 News
Chandigarh Nov. 04, 2020:-An Emergency meeting of Chandigarh Traders Association, Sector 17 was held today under the presidentship of Shri Kamaljit Singh Panchhi to discuss the disadvantages of crackers during Diwali Festival. Panchhi said we must emphasise on the safety of children these days and we should aware them about disadvantages of Crackers. He appeals to the Children of city beautiful, not to burst crackers on this Diwali because:
1. They produce huge amount of sound which leads to Noise Pollution that sometimes may even deafen people
2. Smoke emitted has many chemicals which leads to Air Pollution
3. Creates breathing problems like Asthma
4. Creates health and environmental damages
5. Animal and Birds get scared from fireworks
6. Creates fire accidents, burns and physical injuries
7. Crackers affect new born babies and pregnant women
8. Burning of crackers means burning your own money
Kamaljit Singh Panchhi & Members pledged not to burst Crackers during this Diwali & appeals to the parents not to waste money on crackers and instead can donate to the poor people who they can use to eat food etc. Public cooperation in this will help in keeping transmission of Corona Virus under control and decrease the risk of mortality due to Covid-19 in the coming winter months. 
The Prominent members among who were present: P.K Grover, Narender Jain, Gurmeet Singh, RakeshJain, Jodh Singh, Ramesh Chand, Deepak Kumar & others.

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