Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Shree Krishna Janamashtami Celebrated at Desh Bhagat Global School

By 121 News
Chandigarh August 12, 2020:- Desh Bhagat Global School, celebrated Janmastami, i.e the birth anniversary of deity Krishna online.The students from Class 1st to 5th were dressed up as Krishna and Radha and the students from class 6 to 10th performed Bhajans and Skits. The importance of Janamastami and life story of Shri Krishna was narrated.
         Dr. Zora Singh, Chairman, DBGS, said that Shri Krishna is believed to be the eighth avatar of God Vishnu and the day is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm across India by fasting, distributing food and sweets, praying, singing bhajans, night vigils and visiting Krishna temples. These festivals make us bonded with the culture of our country in one way or another. All these festival whether National, Religious or Seasonal bring happiness in our lives and strengthen the sense of community. They connect us as a nation.
                         Mrs. Neha Dhall, Principal, DBGS, shared various aspects of Shri Krishna's youthful days, the dahi handi celebration and his playful and mischievous sides and wished everyone a Happy Janmashtami.

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