Wednesday 13 May 2020

PersonalityAnalysis and Self Improvement through Grapho Analysis Webinar Organized

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Chandigarh May 13, 2020:-Personality Analysis and Self Improvement through Grapho Analysis  session was organized under webinar series on Mental Health & Well Being by Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), Desh Bhagat University. Naveen Toshniwal, a renowned Grapho Therapy Specialist from Jaipur was the expert speaker of the webinar. 

He informed that the science of Grapho analysis has its existence since 2,000 BC and it was Greek philosopher Aristotle who discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting. He added that it reflects our sub-conscious mind on paper and conscious effort to make simple changes in strokes of handwriting can impact the sub-conscious mind to bring the desired transformation in one's nature or personality. A small change in strokes and practicing those changes for 10 minutes a day for a month can bring out a changed personality. This science is getting widely accepted nowadays and is used as an aid in recruitments, guidance to students, teacher's career counseling and also for self-improvement. A simple change in handwriting can cause a huge positive or negative transformation.  

Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor Desh Bhagat University and Pro-Chancellor Dr. Tejinder Kaur added that Grapho analysis is a great science that helps in detecting character traits and aid in changing a personality into a better personality. 

 The co-coordinator, Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) disclosed that more than 2250 faculty members and students attended the webinar and participated very enthusiastically throughout the session.

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