Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Collaborate and Work Together: Experts

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New Delhi May 27, 2020:-Realty WEBSERIES which is being organised by ICCPL, country's leading PR firm in association with Realty & More, a renowned realty magazine, took an interesting turn in its 4th edition (webinar) when it brought all the scions of Indian Realty on one platform. The topic discussed was on the challenges faced by the generation next of Indian real estate sector. The panel included Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz, Nayan Raheja from Raheja Developers Ltd, Bani Anand, Director, ATS, Ashish Bhutani, CEO, Bhutani Infra, Yash Miglani, MD, Migsun Group, Nimish Arora, Director, Aarone Group & Select City Walk and Mohit Arora, MD, Supertech. 
We will have to collaborate and work together in future as there is no point in having competition amongst each other, said Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz who was also applauded for her energy & enthusiasm at work place by many viewers who were watching the live webinar. There is no cut throat competition amongst any of us as land in the world is in abundance and we will have enough work to do for many more decades,said Ashish Bhutani of Bhutani Infra who also supported the aggressive and innovative sales methodology. 
We need to be aggressive in our approach and come out with innovative schemes and focus on individual sales rather than thinking what others are doing" said Yash Miglani of Migsun Group. The group was recently in news for clocking sales of over 183 crores by selling over 354 units during lockdown in the country. Adding to it Nayan Raheja from Raheja Developers Ltd summed it up saying that real estate has come a long way, the demand has always been good, though not like previous time people still would be buying homes entire life and with so many laws to govern the sector, there is complete transparency & good work is happening all around, hence the sector would have enough for everyone always.
Mohit Arora from Supertech agreed to the fact and added there is no more any competition amongst the players. Realty is to bounce back and we all need to work together, supporting the entire sector. Bani Anand of ATS, had quite a few interesting anecdotes to mention along with strongly supporting the fact, that good developers will sustain and will go a long way but only if they understand the market sentiments and focus on deliveries. Delivering the promise is what we all need to doshe said. 
Nimish Arora from Select city walk and Aarone group said that the sector is undergoing changes as be it retail or any other segments, a lot of things would change with the current pandemic which has forced the shops to shut. He said that technology will play an important role and the sector would be getting much more stronger but only good developers with deliveries would stay and will see demand. 
Realty WEBSERIES is an initiative which during the lockdown has given a new paradigm to how realty shows were watched. The series of live webinars is being watched by millions across the nation. The platform has delved into discussing important aspects of the realty sector which post COVID 19 pandemic in India the viewers want to understand.

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