Wednesday 29 April 2020

SONY SAB TV: “I Am Finally Able to Grow My Hair”: Krishna Bharadwaj

By 121 News.
Chandigarh April 29, 2020:-Television actors have currently got some 'much needed' time to rest and spend quality time with their families. Similarly, Krishna Bharadwaj, who has entertained everyone with his exceptional performance as Pandit Ramakrishna in Sony SAB's show Tenali Rama, too is utilizing this time-off to watch his favourite films, catch up on sleep and more importantly grow his hair back.

Krishna Bharadwaj, who plays Rama in Sony SAB's show Tenali Rama, is glad he has got time to grow his hair back now that he isn't shooting often. Krishna said that he is here in Mumbai and did not go back to his home in Jharkhand as he wanted to take utmost precautions and keep others safe. Here, he ha s got time to catch up on his sleep that he has lost in these 3 years. These days, he has been eating, sleeping and binge-watching on some world cinema as he is a big fan of world cinema.He also cooked his favourite, Gatte Ki Sabji recently. What he is liking the most is that he is finally able to grow his hair now. He has always had to shave his head, every day, for the role of Rama in Tenali Rama and now that we are not shooting for a while, he is able to grow his hair back.

Krishna Bharadwaj also said that while it is a very critical time for everyone,  he is trying to help the daily wage workers across the country. He is associated with an organization where we are collecting groceries and money from people who are willing to help and are delivering these essential items to people in the slum areas, staying under the government guidelines and taking every safety measure seriously.

Talking about how he is keeping himself positive, Krishna said that he is glad he has got some time to explore his spiritual side again as he has been meditating a lot, which he couldn't do earlier due to hectic shoot schedules. This helps stay calm and keeps the mind healthy. If we look at the positive side of this situation, then he would say Mother Nature has got time to heal itself. So, his message to everyone is that let's take this time to work upon ourselves, do everything that we wanted to do all these years and most importantly, spend time with our family because that is what matters the most.

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