Friday 24 April 2020

Nirdosh School for the Mentally Challenged Starts E-Classes

By 121 News
Chandigarh April 24, 2020:- Students of the Nirdosh School for Mentally Challenged have risen to the occasion of `Staying Home:  Staying Safe' and have started E-Classes with the help of their teachers and parents.

The daily timetable is sent a day before by the staff which includes skill task , studying of languages Hindi and English  and so on. "Special emphasis is laid on learning of concept of time and money for it is something very important and most parents can relate to it," says Principal Surat Singh who plans out a two day programme with the  staff on a regular basis.

While initially the parents did find it difficult, but they soon picked up the skill of the internet. In addition to normal classes, the Speech Therapist is also taking her classes via whatsapp in batches of four students each. This leads to a much higher focus on each child too.

The children are also urged to continue their drawing and painting and urged to share their works. Students are also given daily tasks like cleaning and dusting of the house and helping in the kitchen.

The sports director Mandeep Brar too takes charge of his portfolio in the evening where he exhorts them to play and go in for physical exercise. To top it all the entire staff of the Nirdosh School is taking zoom classes to improve their written and spoken communication skills. Chairperson Madhu Khosla and Co-chairperson Alka Chhabra are keeping a close watch on the progress of all departments of  Nirdosh School for the Mentally challenged..

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