Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Fastrack Reflex Beat Gets Your Heart Moving

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Chandigarh, 08th Jan 2020:- Fastrack, India's leading and celebrated youth accessories brand strengthens its presence in the smart wearable category with the launch of Fastrack Reflex Beat. This is the fourth variant in the Fastrack Reflex series since the launch in 2017. With this launch, Fastrack Reflex Beat becomes the only fitness brand in India which is certified by the National Health Academy.

As a new updated band from Fastrack, Reflex Beat has a Heart Rate Monitor which helps in measuring heart rate at any given point of time. The band records heart rate automatically every 5 minutes, which gets recorded on the app and can also be viewed on-demand. The user can later see their minimum to maximum heart rate trend in a day on the Reflex App. This presents a trend report of the heart rate which can be referred to during any anomaly.

Speaking about the launch, Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack said that Fastrack, as a brand has taken pride in leading the conversation regarding youth fashion and trends and fitness, is one trend which is here to stay. With each smart band introduced under Fastrack Reflex, we have endeavoured to bring feasibility for the GenZ fashion. This generation is constantly on a lookout for tech-related, feature-rich products and we aim to fulfil this desire with Reflex Beat and make their lives easy and on the go.

According to the Indian Heart Study (IHS), Indians have an average resting heart rate of 80 beats per minute, which is higher than the desired rate of 72. A fast resting heart rate is an indication of brewing heart condition; therefore, whether it is for a routine check or for keeping a close watch during a workout, fitness bands today have become a crucial accessory for everyone. With Fastrack Reflex Beat, fitness enthusiasts can gauge the effectiveness of their workout by measuring the heart rate during the workout to understand the intensity, i.e. if the user is pushing too hard or needs to push harder to achieve the level of fitness he/she is seeking.

With the success of Reflex 2.0 and Reflex WAV we observed a pattern of increased activity levels across all our consumers. The natural extension for us was to introduce a new version of Reflex with a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). Considering the vastness of our country we have made special efforts to tune the HRM to give accurate readings across demographics. We hope this will help consumers to track their fitness more effectively.

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