Wednesday 28 November 2018

Korean Experts Teach 3D Modelling to Kids R Kids School Students

By 121 News

Chandigarh 28th November:- A six day workshop on 3 D modelling was organised by 'Kama India' and was conducted by professionals from Korea National University of Art, for students of middle school at Kids R Kids school, Sec 42,Chandigarh.

This workshop was conducted as a part of an exchange programme between Indian schools and Korea and students learnt finer nuances of making 3 D architectural models using art. The 3 D modelling sessions were quite informative and included aspects like creative painting,  colour hunting, crafts and art meditation. 

As part of the training process the students were taken for a nature walk to the lake in sector 42 for colour hunting and there they learnt colour shading, which encompasses the art of making different shades of the same colour. The students were also taken through 2 D pattern making and a tactile program, in which the pupils came to know about importance of touch in the process of developing 3D architectural models. 

The students also learnt  the process of building models through  observation of buildings  and then drawing simplified versions using  pencils. The workshop concluded with a 3D modelling exhibition of various type of architectural building models created by students. The exhibition was appreciated by students and parents alike.

The Director Principal of the school,  Anupam Grewal said that it is extremely important to keep the students engaged and to give them the right exposure. We ensure that our students are provided the best opportunities to learn across a broad spectrum of information  in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. We also expose them to  ideas which are trending and creating a buzz across the world. Anupam Grewal added further that this workshop & exhibition were part of an art awareness program. Our school was chosen by the selection committee of the prestigious National Art University of Korea to conduct its annual cultural and artistic exchange forum between Korea and India.  The delegation enjoyed their interaction with our students appreciating the ambience of the school and the freedom in the learning environment.  We are already making plans for next year.

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