Saturday, 7 October 2017

Wild Life Week -2017: Students Visit Nepali Forest- Learnt Importance of Wildlife

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Chandigarh 07th October:- Wild Life Week -2017 organized at Maharishi Dayanand Public School, Daria, Chandigarh has been completed. Students today visited the Nepali Forest in collaboration with the Environment Department, Chandigarh Administration. The children went there and got detailed information about forests and wildlife from the class teachers in the forest. They observed that the forest is a place of shelter and food for wildlife. Animals here can live a better life. Trees make the environment clean. Fresh and pollution-free air is essential to stay healthy. Hence planting of trees are necessary. Due to urbanization the area of ​​forests is becoming narrow. Wild animals come into the homes of due to cutting of trees. This affects the lives of humans and animals. Students said that forest and wildlife in reality is our wealth. Its protection and enrichment are essential. The children told that they had studied about forests in books, but seeing them experimentally, the feeling of attachment towards forests and wildlife has increased. Animals and birds are our friends. It is all about taking care of them. Teachers on this occasion gave their full guidance.

Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar said that the main purpose of this visit was to make the students aware of the importance of wild animals and forests.

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