Wednesday 29 June 2016

Man Operated Upon Successfully for 5-cm Tumour at IVY

By 121 News

Chandigarh 29th June:- A 60-yr old man has been treated successfully for a tumor measuring 5-cm in size at IVY Hospital by Dr Vineet Saggar, Senior Consultant Neuro & Spinal Surgery recently. Normally pituitary tumours are small of 1-2 cms size. Tumours larger than 2-cm are called 'Macro Adenomas'. But tumours achieving such humongous proportions are called 'Giant Macro Adenomas'. Such tumours encase vessels of brain and are challenging for skull base neurosurgeons. Thus surgery becomes even more difficult in recurrent cases.

Ironically, Kulwant Singh (name changed), the patient had operated for tumor removal 10-year back. But is has returned to haunt him and that too with a vengeance.

Dr Vineet Saggar informed that he was earlier operated for tumor in pituitary gland via Tran's cranial route. After that he was all right but for past few months he had become slow in his work. For past one week he has even stopped eating properly too. Hi MRI revealed that tumor had recurred and was even larger in size as compared to before. The 5-cm tumor was greatest of dimensions.

Dr Vineet Saggar added that Kulwant was operated via trans-nasal route and near total removal of tumour was achieved. He was discharged after 7-day of surgery in complete conscious state.

Dr. Kanwaldeep, Medical Director of IVY group of Hospitals said that IVY hospital is committed to quality and affordable healthcare, and this complex surgery is one of the milestone of our dedication and hard work.


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