Wednesday 30 December 2015

J.P.Nadda Inaugurates Three Cutting-Edge Facilities at PGI

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Chandigarh 30th December:- Minister of Health and Family Welfare and President of PGI, Chandigarh JP Nadda, inaugurated three cutting-edge facilities at the PGI today and dedicated these facilities to the nation and people of North India in particular. While inaugurating the Online Registration Facility J.P. Nadda congratulated and praised the Institute for these three initiatives and said that PGI is a pioneer in these initiatives and other Institutes should follow these.  He said that after the earlier soft launch of online registration and tele-evidence, he had chosen this date for the final launch as Government of India is presently celebrating Good Governance Week.

The Health Minister said that hese initiatives are a major step towards making PGIMER operations paperless. These are also part of the "Digital India" campaign.

Earlier Prof. Yogesh Chawla welcomed the President of the Institute and apprised him about the facilities.

Online Registration Facility:- The Online Registration Facility is a part of the "Digital India Initiative" for improving the patient care in the region.  PGI introduced this online registration facility as a trial run for new patients in April, 2015 in a few OPDs and later extended to 16 departments and revisit of patients as well. Till date, 27,277 patients have availed this facility.  In addition laboratory reports from 21 laboratories have been made available to the patients at the click of the button on their computers. In addition the blood availability information at Blood Bank PGIMER can also be seen on the PGI website as well as Government of India ORS web portal. Other HIS facilities include admission/discharge/transfer of patients, procurement, stock inventory, accounting etc. Very soon PGI will be fully computerized.  J.P. Nadda desired that the PGI should aim for becoming paperless.  

Tele-evidence Facility:-Tele-evidence Facility was started on a trial basis with few courts initially. PGI received 2000 summons in 2014 and 2100 summons in 2015 for giving their professional or expert medical evidence in various courts located in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and few other States.  This facility is going to be started for courts in Himachal Pradesh very soon for which necessary approval has already been obtained. This facility is now well connected to all courts of Punjab and Haryana which has resulted in saving precious man-hours (613 mandays) of doctors which are now being utilized for patient care and saving of expenditure on fuel. Besides 1.93 tons of carbon foot-prints have been saved using the eco-friendly tele-evidence technology. He highly appreciated this facility and desired that it needs to be replicated at national level. He further advised PGI to initiate preparing a video film on tele-evidence facility for perusal at Ministry of Health.

Upgraded Central Sophisticated Instrument Cell:-The third facility inaugurated by the Hon'ble Union Health Minister was the Upgraded Central Sophisticated Instrument Cell. PGI being a centre of excellence, in the field of Medical Science, needs to have cutting edge technology for research.  To achieve this, sophisticated equipments are required for the translational research.  Having this facility at one place avoids purchase of multiple sophisticated equipments in many departments and optimal use of each equipment. The centre has the facilities for proteomic and genomic research including advanced imaging facility.  In this year, next generation sequencing, high-end Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry equipment and Scanning Electron Microscope are being processed. The department also has a nitrogen plant, one of its kind amongst the medical institute in country.


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