Saturday 31 October 2015

Docs Debunk Myths Between Parents and Grand Parents:Doctors Sort out Conflicts Between Mom & Daughter In Law over Parenting

By 121 News

Chandigarh 31st October:- Dr Umesh N. Jindal, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician of Jindal IVF and Sant Memorial Nursing home, Chandigarh said that it is common for doctors in the city to serve as judges between mother-in-laws and new brides while they resolve their disputes regarding Better Parenting. Rising conflicts between new parents and grandparents over whether to nurture babies in a modern medicated way or a traditional way is negatively impacting the growth of the child. This was stated by Dr Umesh N. Jindal during a programme for "Better Parenting" started by Lifecell Pvt Ltd.

In a usual 'courtroom' conflict, Dr. Umesh N.  Jindal was approached by 30-year-old Shweta (Name Changed), who told her that her mother In law is forcing her not to eat papaya as it can cause miscarriage and she is craving for this. While gently intervening in session and talking to mom-in-law of (Shweta) Sarabjeet Kaur, Dr Nidhi Sharma, and Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Jindal IVF said that raw Papaya is not recommended but the ripe papaya can be given, there is no harm in this. She can have anything what she wants, let her enjoy her pregnancy.  Dr Sheetal Jindal, gynaecologist, felt that there is no fixed formula for parenting. She added that clash of egos between young mothers and their in-laws do not serve the purpose. We advise the family to rely on a mother's instinct as that is what works best.

In support of better parenting Mayanka Jhol of Lifecell Pvt ltd said that giving birth is much easier than actually bringing up the child. Dealing with diapers and spending sleepless nights, parents always have a task at hand. The problem has increased manifold due to the growing trend of nuclear families, so we all have together held this better parenting day out session for parents here.

While cooling another Mom In law, Dr Mahesh Hiranandani, Peadiatrician said that every mother can breastfeed and it is a psychological inhibition which prevents lactation. Do not give formula milk to a baby under three years of age, as it results in obesity. The Mom In law was complaining about her Daughter In law that she has been unable to lactate hence the top feed should be started. 

Clinical psychologist Dr Ruby Ahuja said grandparents should avoid scolding parents in front of the toddlers." The best way to deal with this problem is to talk it out, listen to the children and visit an expert if early signs of physical or behavioural problems are seen so that intervention starts as soon as possible.

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