Wednesday 30 September 2015

LIC Awarded Meritorious Student of Ashmah International School

By 121 News

Chandigarh 30th September:- The meritorious students of Ashmah International School Honoured by LIC who performed exceptionally well in academics and brought laurels to both his family and school. The honored students at were Prabhleen Kaur, Rachit Dhiman, Nikhil puri, Ravjot Kaur, Anand Verma, Sahil Singh, Aditi Panday, Mehak Sood, Ravneet Kaur, Komalpreet Kaur from different classes .  Ahwani Negi Branch Manager & Rajesh Singh Chief Advisor LIC encouraged the students to work hard to bring better results in life while honoring them.

While encouraging the students Director J.S Kaser said that at the moment that such honors nurtur talent and allowing the exceptional performance to blossom in students. He further added that honor is a huge achievement for the students not because of the monetary aspect because of the sense of pride and recognition attached to it.

While speaking at the moment Principal of the School Monica Mann Said that honored Students have become great example of success which is possible only through hard work and good values.

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