Friday 28 August 2015

Indo Global Pays Tribute to Le Corbusier on His 50th Death Anniversary

By 121 News

Chandigarh 28th August:- Indo Global Colleges organized competitions on photography, sketching, poster making on Le Corbusier's buildings and his quotes and ideologies. Architectural Design competition of a memorial and museum, Shradhanjali-1947, was also organized to pay tribute to one million people who lost their lives during partition of India. The students visited the capitol complex several times in the proceeding weeks and made free hand sketches and studied Le Corbusier's buildings and design philosophy.

The exhibition showcasing works of competition was inaugurated by Dr. S.S Bhatti, Author of book, Chandigarh – An Irony of History. While speaking at the moment .Bhatti said that Le Corbusier was the most versatile and greatest architect of the 20th century, who revolutionized the architecture at global level. He Later,drew the attention of students and faculty to the urgent need for serious and sustained studies of works of master architects of the modern world. He further added that to fully understand Le Corbusier's historic legacy, there is need to imbibe his saint like traits and practice architecture as a habit of mind rather than a profession.

Suhkdev Singla, Chairman, Indo Global Education Foundation and Madam Neelam Singla, Chairperson, congratulated the students for their whole hearted  participation in various competitions and exhorted them to steadfastly  strive for academic excellence and contribute for creating better living environment.

Manav  Singla, CEO Indo Global said  that Le Corbusier is  the foundation of Modern Architecture of the entire Country. Chandigarh is an architectural miracle that happened due to Le Corbusier.


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