Monday 29 June 2015

Prince Narula Wins Roadies X2:Makes Gang Leader Rannvijay Proud

By 121 News

Chandigarh 29th June:- The journey that began with auditions in December 2014 finally came to a glorious end with contestant Prince Narula, an audience favourite, proving his mettle to win the coveted title of the ultimate 'Roadie' in the twelfth year of the show, MTV Hero Roadies X2 powered by Vivo Smart Phone. Prince contested in the finale episode against fellow gang member Gurmeet, both of them originally being a part of the original Roadie, Rannvijay's gang. The show, which saw some phenomenal changes including new Gang Leaders and gangs, saw Prince battling his way to victory till the very last moment of what could be called the most exciting season of the show till date.

The finale episode of the massively popular show was every bit the nail-biter it promised to be with both the finalists watching every move taken by the other in order to get their hands on the prize. As expected, the finale was filled with some interesting twists and turns. However, the one person who was the most nervous during the finale, besides the finalists, was Rannvijay as both them belonged to his team. At the beginning of the season both Gurmeet and Prince were a part of Rannvijay's gang. However, Vijender won a Gang Challenge and got the opportunity to swap one Roadie from his gang for another Roadie and he chose Gurmeet from Rannvjay's gang. Vijender's tactic paid off, as Gurmeet made his way to the finals to come face to face with his former gang-mate. Being the finale, the camaraderie and friendship between these two was replaced with the hunger to win! Prince turned out to be swifter of the two and was able to navigate the tricky finale task with considerable ease in order to capture the winning title.

On winning the title of the ultimate 'Roadie', Prince Narula couldn't stop gushing about how excited he was. He said that it is a once in a lifetime experience. He lived a part of his life which is unforgettable. Not only did he win the tittle but also millions of hearts.

Expressing joy over being the winning Gang Leader, MTV VJ and the original Roadie, Rannvijay said that when we started the journey of Roadies X2, there were many good contestants who were really enthusiastic and came with the do-or-die spirit but like they say there can only be one winner. Prince has been on the top of his game since the beginning of the show he really deserved that number one position, He is extremely thrilled about both his win and he is very happy with Gurmeet's performance also, He remember selecting them together and saying that 'he'll take you guys till the end'.This season of Roadies X2 has been very different and full of emotions, surprises as compared to its previous editions and also a learning of being a motivating gang leader and mentor to the contestants.



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