Saturday 27 June 2015

Entrepreneurship Key to India’s Inclusive Growth – Hindol Sengupta

By 121 News

Chandigarh 27th June:- World renowned journalist, writer and entrepreneur Hindol Sengupta advised to the budding and existing entrepreneurs that don't listen to the World, especially your relatives and even parents, if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur. Dare to take the risks and be courageous to fail as failures are the pillars to success. This was advised by Hindol Sengupta during a Learning session organised by Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) Young Indians (Yi) Chandigarh Tricity Chapter at CII NR Headquarters in sector 31 A, here today.

Hindol Sengupta added that had Steve Jobs told his relatives or parents that he would like to make computers or smart phones, they would have lambasted him. Who knew, he would revolutionize six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. He further said that he believes in the power of economy. Entrepreneurship is indeed the key to an all-inclusive progress of our country. Entrepreneurs all across India have supported the Government to provide jobs and enhance the living standards of underprivileged. The entrepreneurs in the unorganised sector still contribute 50 % of our GDP and provide 90 % of the total jobs available in the country, despite just 10 % of institutional finance reaching them. There is a huge potential and hence it is imperative to strengthen our finance system to help it reach more and more small entrepreneurs easily. It is most important that the MUDRA Bank scheme gets truly implemented.

The CII Yi session which aimed to inspire new entrepreneurs in India, featured examples from the real stories and case studies of entrepreneurs from Kashmir to Kanyaumari in his latest book - Recasting India: How Entrepreneurship Is Revolutionizing The World's Largest Democracy. He added that we have forgotten that we were a rich country until 1857. Presently, most of the young Indians are trapped in old ideologies and politics. I urge the youth to look for solutions instead of highlighting the problems.

Hindol Sengupta is the author of six books including the forth coming 'Being Hindu'.  He lives in Delhi and is currently Editor-at-large at Fortune India.

Amit Chugh, Chairman, CII - Young Indians (Yi) Chandigarh Chapter shared that nation building is one of the top priorities of CII Yi. We believe that in addition to smart cities, we also need smart citizens. CII Yi would spread awareness and run a campaign to promote responsibility amongst the society as well to support the governments.


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