Thursday 27 November 2014

Nine Educates Parents About Child Care Through Health Mela

By 121 News Reporter

Chandigarh 27th November:- Students of National Institute of Nursing Education , PGI, Chandigarh organised health mela on 'Child Care' at village Dadu Majra & Dhanas, under the guidance of Dr. [Mrs.]  Sushma Saini and Mrs. Kavita, lecturer, Mrs. Manjula Thakur and Mr. Suresh Kumar, Clinical Instructor, and Ms Ravneet Kaur, PHN, NINE, PGIMER. The event was inaugurated by Dr. [Mrs.] Sandhya Ghai , Principal , NINE, PGIMER. She appreciated the efforts made by students in educating the parents regarding Child Care. More than 100 people visited health mela each at Dhanas and Daddu Majra village, Chandigarh. 170 children were registered for their anthropometric examination. Parents of children  were educated about different aspects of child care  viz: neonatal care, healthy breast feeding practices as well as prevention and management of malnutrition, diarrhoea, seizures, and other childhood disorders. Along with education, people were also demonstrated  about home made Oral Rehydration solution, preparation of complimentary foods for infants at 6 months age, hand-washing practices. The children were given bananas. People expressed that they gained lot of knowledge and found it beneficial.

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