Thursday 30 October 2014

Annual Conference of Indian Association of Sexually transmited disease and AIDS on 31st October

By 121 News Reporter

Chandigarh 30th October:-  The 38th annual conference of Indian Association of Sexually transmited disease and AIDS (ASTICON 2014) will be organized by the department of Medical Microbiology, PGI from 31st October to 2nd November. The department has recently been awarded an advanced centre for research and training in sexually transmitted infections(STIs) by NACO . Dr Sunil Sethi, Professor in the department said that "STI are the neglected diseases in our country   but they can increase the transmission of HIV many times . So for the control of HIV, adequate and proper treatment of STIs is very important as all STIs can lead to increase in the transmission of HIV. Most of the patients are treated inadequately by quacks and they ultimately lead to drug resistance. There is great stigma attached with STI so most of the patients instead of coming to STI clinic prefer to go to quacks where they are inadequately treated  which lead to emergence of superbugs like Multiple drug resistance N. gomorrhoeae which will then become untreatable . So proper diagnosis  and treatment of STIs is very  important to prevent the spread of HIV    Potentially preventable and curable, infections like genital chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea still cause tremendous morbidity in patients. Initial infections are sometimes asymptomatic and hence go unnoticed. However they go on to produce chronic complications like pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. Early diagnosis and treatment of infected individuals is required to prevent the spread of the disease and severe sequelae." So the theme of conference is Diagnostic and Therapeutic advances in STI,s and HIV. During this conference, leading microbiologists and clinicians specializing in STIs from all around the world will discuss the latest developments in the clinical picture, various diagnostic modalities, prevention, treatment, drug resistance and control measures.

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