Monday 30 June 2014

Indo Global Colleges Organize Robotics Workshops & Technical Seminars

By 1 2 1 News Reporter

Mohali 30th June:-- To groom and make students industry ready, Indo global  Group of colleges organised Robotics Workshops & Technical Seminars at its campus. Under the banner Hi Tech Days, a three day live technical training program on latest technologies specifically for the Computer Science Engineering students with the objective of updating the students on the latest tools and platforms from technology experts.

Robotics workshop was conducted by Rohit Khosla of Netmaxx giving the students a practical insight into robotics. They were introduced to the fundamentals of robotics and with the kits supplied to them. They learnt how to apply the theoretical knowledge practically as the focus on workshop was on learning by doing. The seminar further enlightened the students on how to extend expertise on technologies with live interactions.  Topics like web and applications development, windows client development, database and business intelligence, net fundamentals, cloud computing, share point office development, industry verticals, PHP on windows, deployment management, security, public and private cloud, instructor led virtual lab and software & infrastructure architecture were covered by the experts for the student .

While speaking at the moment Sukhdev Singla, Chairman of Indo Global Colleges said that Such seminars create and enhance their curiosity levels budding engineers. The purpose of these seminars is to prepare the students well in advance to gear up and absorb competitive skills.


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