Saturday 29 March 2014

Oakridge International School Students Distributes Books To Underprivileged Children

By 121 News Reporter

Mohali 29th March:-- Oakridge International School to preach student their social responsibility and to make students caring and compassionate to understand the importance of humanity urged them to donate their last session books  to the underprivileged children. Students along with their parents donate their old books, fruit & cloths to the children who were in need of them near their house.

Principal ,Oakridge School, Pranjala Das Said at the moment that this activity was organized to bring closer the students to the harsh reality of life so that they  may  learn to help and work hard to be  successful  .To cultivate this thought the school initiated the OAKRAK week. It stands for Oakridgers Random Act Of Kindness which will enhance social responsibility in the mind of the students by performing act of kindness. Children were also urged to help their parents in daily chores i.e. watering the plants etc.


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