Thursday 30 January 2014


By 121 News Reporter

Chandigarh 30th January:---- The Bakery Competition, was organized for the third year students of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, where “Hridey Bhugra” got a taste of victory. The students of the college were judged on their artistry, presentation, and on the taste of their creations, by the Pastry Chef of hotel Homtel B.S. Gussai and Krishan Gautam from hotel Aroma. The students, who were short listed for the competition, were given to prepare three types of bakery items, the first one being bread, second being a decorated cake with proper icing using skills and creativity and the third was plated dessert.Some of the exquisite bakery products prepared by the students were Red Velvet cake, Focaccia, Panna cotta, Carrot Cake, Marble Bread, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse, Kiwi Cheese Cake, Banana Bread, Masala Bread, Choco-Vanilla Cake etc.

Bharti Tyagi, Principal of the Institute said that Such events help the students to showcase their talent, creativity and skills which they have acquired with their hard work and dedication during the years in the institute. I am very pleased with the performances and the results. She further said that to encourage and boost the students, two more events are being organized, where they will be given an opportunity to present their talents.


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