Tuesday 30 July 2013

Shemrock School organise 'Green Day' to encourage healthy diet among children

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Chandigarh 30th July:-- In order to inculcate good eating habits among the tiny tots of pre-primary section and to raise their interest towards green leafy vegetables, Shemrock School ,organised 'Green Day' on its premises. 'Go Green for Life' was the theme of today's activity. Every kid dressed up in different shades of green and were quite excited about this fun filled activity. Different events, such as colouring, and printing using vegetables were organised in the classes. Kids, with the help of class-teachers, prepared charts conveying the message "Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy". Later, the kids relished the green food and fruits brought by them in their lunch boxes as well.Teachers also motivated the students to eat green vegetables and fruits. They were told about the importance of eating healthy food and were advised to stay away from junk food. Principal Air Commander (retd.) S K Sharma also joined the tiny tots in their venture. The importance of trees and plants for good environment and healthy life was also highlighted.He said that as root is the most important part of a plant, similarly childhood is the most important stage of human life. Habits inculcated at this stage are going to last long and therefore developing their interest in healthy food and healthy life at this tender stage is the best gift for them. He also appreciated the efforts of pre-primary teachers.


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