Saturday, 21 November 2020

Youth Should Imbibe Habits of Hardwork, Compassion and Pride in Our Culture: Sudha Murty

By 121 News

Chandigarh Nov. 21, 2020:- Simple, pure and grounded what Sudha Murty portrayed in her conversation as the second day of the Literati 2020 opened today while she conversed with motivational speaker and author Vivek Atray.

She celebrated her deep love and empathy for the people at the grassroots, especially the down troddens and the underprivileged that she said was her only purpose in life and the source of her great satisfaction and happiness.

She said that the greatest need and the most difficult thing to achieve in today's life and the human beings is the ability to understand another human being.

The best medicine, she said, and about which she writes in one of the chapters in her latest book, "Grandparents Bag of Stories" is really genuine affectionate and compassionate hug to an individual in need is what is required in this world.

Sudha Murty has been writing primarily in her local language Kannada, which according to her, could connect her to the people of that part of the country where she had grown up, learnt the cultural nuances and enjoyed rich tapestry of life, and  she remarked that all her writings are for the common people and not the rich ones, because she is so deeply connected with them even through her work in Infosys Foundation.

She practically demonstrated her belief in what she talked about when the moderator Vivek Atray requested her not to say 'Vivek ji' to which she responded it is not because of your age or position she is using this but for the deep respect that each one of must genuinely have for each other in our lives.

Talking about the role of women in society, she said that it would remain the only way to perpetuate the cultural richness, the values, our traditions, and customs to the next generation which is possible only if the mothers themselves learn more about and practice them.

She advised that the younger generation has a great future ahead of them they must imbibe highest of work ethics, learn to do hard work, and acquire new skills, be proud of your country, and engage themselves in doing community work by putting in whatever time, effort and money they can contribute, which can only make them successful and happy.

She added that her happiness, she added, is not in any material acquisition but working for the people in need which keeps me joyous and nothing worries or disturbs her since he understands life is transient.

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