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Actor Vivek Dahiya Visits Chandigarh to Talk About A Tantrik Turned- Rakshas on ‘Qayamat Ki Raat’ Show

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Chandigarh 22nd June:-  Star Plus has been entertaining families with fresh doze of drama and heart-warming romance for the past few decades. This year, the channel is geared up to bring to you a range of content, the latest offering being with Balaji Telefilms for the upcoming show Qayamat Ki Raat. A fantasy thriller which is high on emotions of romance, lust and vengeance promises to keep the audience at the edge of their seats with its plot twists and high drama. As a complete family entertainer, the show unfolds the story of a young couple who are tested when faced with the power of the tantrik's curse.

Introducing television's most unnerving villain, the Tantrik-turned-Rakshas, played by NirbhayWadhwa, stands out as a never seen before evil - a demon who lusts for power and immortality and is out to gain vengeance for his death and become invincible on an eventful night. Once his Sar, Haath and Dhad unite the viewers will be in for a bloodcurdling journey with the eeriest monster coming alive on 'Qayamat Ki Raat' on Indian television.

The unique pairing of popular actors KarishmaTanna and VivekDahiya who play the role of Gauri and Rajwardhan, will be seen on screen for the first time delighting fans with the good looking couple. 

Actor VivekDahiya who plays the lead role of Rajwardhan Shekhawat in the show was in Chandigarh to talk about the show and why the fantasy thriller genre is his favourite.

Talking about the show, Vivek Dahiya said that he is very excited about Qayamat Ki Raat. The show is very close to him for various reasons. The genre is something which is very new and our promos too have already garnered a lot of positive response from the people. He plays the role of Rajwardhan who is a very charming and well-cultured boy. He is broadminded and believes in simple joys of life. Though he has been abroad in his growing up years, he is deeply connected to his family. He is really excited to be in him home-town Chandigarh to promote his show. This is where it all began for him and he is forever grateful to the city of Chandigarh for his beautiful memories of a life-time in his initial days.

Unveiling the journey of Thakur and Shekhawat families in the backdrop of the state of UP, the show will boast of a stellar cast including Karishma Tanna, Papia Sengupta, Sumit Bharadwaj among others. This show will also mark the comeback of veteran actor Apara Mehta on Star Plus after more than a decade.

Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show will go on air from 23rd June and will be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm.

Pumpkart Plans to Bring Alibaba E Commerce in India

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Chandigarh 22nd June:-  Though Chandigarh's renowned Start Up, Pumpkart started with water pumps initially, it now aims to scale it's  business by adoption of an O2O model. This concept is prevalent in China and the giant E-Commerce company Alibaba is a live example of this.

K S Bhatia, Founder, said that our new & trend setting E Commerce format will connect with the customer online and according to their requirement; we will divert them to the offline stores where they will get access to the products as per their needs. Our application will be offering them facilities like E-wallets, M-Coupons for daily offers and reward points. The added advantage is that we will be offering financing facilities for even small appliances and it would be done by the financing Institutions online, rather than visiting their offline outlets.

To start with Pumpkart will be is focusing in the area of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The app will be accessible through Pan India and will also come up with the feature of regional language as to aid the clients.

The products available will start from small appliances ranging to complete electronics and other luxury appliances as well. He said that not confined to this we will gradually add up the complete range of lifestyle and pharmaceutical products. 

By using the advanced technology the aim of Pumpkart is  to create a bespoke model of business ideology and bring it into realization. The app with the latest and updated features will be launched by mid July.

Since Kapil Dev is the brand ambassador of Pumpkart and is a renowned figure so the company products are getting good mileage.

K S Bhatia said that it is noteworthy that the Pumpkart van which was launched from Mohali recently by Navjot Singh Sidhu, Minister of Local Government, Punjab,  is doing a great job of making people understand the new O2O concept.


Dish TV Launches Punjabi Tadka Pack at Just Rs.85 Per Month

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Chandigarh 22nd June:-  Dish TV India Limited, world's largest single country DTH Company, is set to disrupt the DTH market in Punjab by launching Punjabi Tadka pack at just Rs. 85 (plus taxes) per month on its DishTV platform. This pack will provide complete Punjabi entertainment along with an option to choose power add-ons. These innovative packs are in line with Dish TV India's customer centric approach of 'Dekho Jitna Kharch Karo Utna' and provide true freedom of choice to the customers.

For Standard Definition (SD), Punjabi Tadka is the basic entertainment pack covering popular Punjabi channels in Rs. 85 (plus taxes) and with "Mera Apna Pack" channels at Rs.8.5 (plus taxes), one can easily create his or her own pack. In addition to this, Premiere Hindi and Supreme World packs will provide complete Punjabi entertainment along with Hindi, English and Kids channels at Rs. 177 and Rs. 262 (plus taxes), respectively.

Dish TV India is also launching enticing HD entertainment with five times better picture quality with Classic Sports HD pack at just Rs. 296 (plus taxes) per month. This pack will offer most watched channels including Punjabi, Hindi and Sports. Premiere World HD (Classic Sports + English News) and Supreme World HD (Premiere World HD + Complete English Ent in HD) packs at Rs. 338 per month and Rs. 423 (plus taxes) per month, respectively, will provide the subscribers with complete English entertainment, movies and news channels.

Unique Navigated Knee Replacement: A First in East

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Chandigarh 22nd June:-  A 63-year old English school teacher from Gariahat, Riddhima Chatterjee (name changed), was in an acute knee pain for more than 8 years. Symptoms of knee arthritis were clear and the condition worsened gradually over years. The intensity of pain increased so much that she couldn't continue everyday work including walking; climbing stairs and she virtually dragged her for past one year.

With increased stiffness and decreasing daily mobility, she looked for reassurance of a successful knee surgery which would put her back on a reasonably pain-free existence, she recalls. Therefore, she scouted for a solution, not for the reason of lack of skill but the fact that her arthritis was a complication of a pre-existing injury which had left her thigh bone bent and united in a crooked fashion after an accident which she met almost 20 years ago in 1997.

Fast forward. Hence when things were simply unmanageable for Mrs. Chaterjee the family decided to consult Dr. Vikash Kapoor at Medica. Seeing the x-ray reports and severe destruction of the knee joint associated with progressive pain and impaired function, Dr. Kapoor recommended a knee replacement surgery so that her pain could be alleviated.
She underwent a computer navigation assisted cemented total knee replacement surgery at Medica Superspecialty Hospital on December 15, 2017. Computer-assisted surgeries (CAS) are used to improve the positioning of implants during the total knee replacement. Ms. Chatterjee underwent the surgery, usually a 4.5 hour long tedious operation, performed by the orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Vikash Kapoor and his team in just one hour.  Even though the doctors recommended of releasing her in just 3 days, she urged them and increased her stay for total of 6 days.

Dr. Vikash Kapoor, Vice-Chairman and Group Director – Orthopaedics, Medica Group of Hospitals , explained that her fracture had united in a bent position hence the alignment of her knee was grossly distorted. There was no option to correctly do total knee replacement (TKR) but to use navigation, explained.  He shared further that patients are now achieving recovery a lot quicker than ever before. We encouraged Mrs. Chatterjee to get all her concerns addressed before the surgery.

Further explaining the advantages of this navigated case, he added that the knee replacement was done without having to realign the old wrongly united fracture. He said that the knee could survive better and function better as it is well aligned with the axis of the hip. Navigation cost per knee is around Rs 50,000-Rs 55, 000.

The rehabilitation procedure for her has been as expected. She could fold her knees after 24 hours of the surgery and she started getting up and walking on her own after three days. Within few more days after reaching home she resumed climbing stairs.

Kavita Roy, Director, Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, said that currently the patient has been recovering well and further advised to continue exercises as per the knee replacement surgery rehab protocol. Physical therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation after total knee replacement.

Riddhima Chatterjee. Being a workaholic person, said that many exercises were suggested to her. She is doing it all diligently. She shall visit her doctor again in September, Mrs Chatterjee, a school teacher on an extension, wasn't keen on sitting back home. She joined school after 2 months, to the surprise of all her colleagues. They were surprised to see how much comfortable she is now as if life has gone back by a few years.

Kuntal Chatterjee, Mrs. Riddhima Chatterjee's husband said that Riddhima's shoes, her frenzied possessions, collected from all across the world, sat inside the closet for years together. At times, she used to open the closet to clean and keep all the shoes back in their places. He could see the pain in her eyes as she closed the closet. The pain of having such beautiful pair of shoes but not being able to wear any.

Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, Innovation in Art to Commemorate 119th Birth Anniversary of First Maha Vir Chakra Recipient Brig Rajinder Singh

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Chandigarh 22nd June:- After its mega success in Jammu and Srinagar, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is now launching the Chandigarh chapter of Innovation in Art event to be held on June 25, 2018 at Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh.

Curated by Trust member Ayushman Jamwal and produced by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, Innovation in Art is being organised to commemorate the 119th birth anniversary of first Maha Vir Chakra recipient Brig Rajinder Singh and honour the Dogra warrior and his band of soldiers' supreme sacrifice, who in 1947 fought against Pakistan and regained every inch of land from the enemy thus preventing Jammu and Kashmir from falling into enemy hands.

The Trust's two latest productions - Pryustu (The Yodha) -Tale of Unsung Heroes and Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet will be staged in Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh on June 25, 2018.

Pryustu (The Yodha) is directed by Kathak dancer Sanchita Abrol. Through her performance, the artist makes and honest attempt to illustrate the life of a soldier, who leaves his home behind to serve the nation. As the soldier moves to the battle field, ready to confront his enemy, threatening his homeland, his heart beats for his home, his family that he left behind. As the inner voice of a warrior is filled with emotions, the strength embodied in the imagery of courage depicts his desire to protect the country  his heart and his HOME.

The performance is based on classical Dogri poetry by renowned poet, writer and Sahitya Akademi Awardee Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as 'Kunwar Viyogi' in literary circles; and the poetry "May The Valley Hear Me Roar" by the author of Chameleon Lights and Trust member Ayushman Jamwal.

Meanwhile, Aarushi, who is showcasing her second play, produced by the Trust after Twelfth Night will present the Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the story of star crossed lovers. In the play, a long feud between the Montague and Capulet families disrupts the city of Verona and causes tragic results for Romeo and Juliet. Revenge, love, and a secret marriage force the young star-crossed lovers to grow up quickly — and fate causes them to commit suicide in despair.

A Dream Takes Lot of Sweat, Determination and Hard Work: Rajbir Vats

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Chandigarh 22nd June:- Every day we see lot of new faces being introduced in our Entertainment  Industry or in the Indian Cinema  who carry lot of enthusiasm and energy with a promise to stay in for a long time. And in this growing industry another name is going to be added as Rajbir Vats, the owner of good looks, honesty, zeal to prove himself and lot of zeal and energy with a thought process to stay in the industry for a long-long time. Rajbir Vats is being featured in the Hindi Song, "Rooh", which is sung by renowned singer Kamal Khan and is released under the banner of T-Series.

Actor Rajbir Vats along with the team released the song today and interacted with the media. When asked about his journey in this tinsel industry, Rajbir Vats, said that his passion for life is expressed through a myriad of artistic endeavors smitten by whimsical world of cinema since childhood. He further added that he had always dreamed of becoming an actor and to achieve the dream the first step is a commitment to you. If you want acting to be more than just your hobby, you need to treat it like a job as acting is not a career you can pursue half-heartedly, you need to focus all your energies and efforts towards you ultimate goal of being a professional actor.

When asked about being introduced by two big names, one the Music Label as T-Series and two a renowned singer, Kamal Khan to which Rajbir replied that he actually feel proud and happy to be associated with these two big names who gave me this opportunity to be seen by the masses. He added that he would like to thank Dr. Ashupriya, his mentor who always believed in him that he has that potential to be a part of this industry and a word of thanks to Dr. Nirmal Singh, who supported him in the execution of this song, "Rooh" for which the music has been given by the famous Director, Robby Singh and the lyrics have been penned down by the famous lyricist, Raj Ranjodh.

Speaking on his future plans, Rajbir said that he is working on few more projects and is looking forward to act as a lead actor in a Hindi film soon. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

PGI Fraternity Celebrates International Day of Yoga in A Big Way

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Chandigarh 21st June:- 4th International Yoga Day was celebrated at Sports Complex, PGIMER, Chandigarh.  Faculty, staff and students along with 300 NSS volunteers participated in the event. Dr. Sandhya Ghai, Principal NINE, Nodal Officer for the event welcomed the Chief guest, Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Dean (Academics), Guest of Honor Dr. Vipin Kaushal, officiating MS PGIMER, other officials, NSS volunteers.

Dr. Sandhya Ghai said that Yoga", the most ancient art and science has been made  known to the world by our  worthy Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi  by getting it declared as the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015. Since then it is being practiced /celebrated every year by the NSS unit of National Institute of Nursing Education. Knowledge and practice of Yoga is key to Youth, Health and long life. The secret of Yoga lies in the fact that it deals with the person as a whole and is concerned with the physical, mental, moral and spiritual growth, through development of forces that are already within everyone. It helps to find harmony, peace of mind and true happiness. She motivated NSS volunteers to practise it daily with the slogan "Yog Rakhe Nirog" and "Correct practice of Yoga once a day keeps the doctor away.

Chief Guest Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Dean (Academics) addressed the participants, highlighting its importance. He said that Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition which helps to relax body and reduce stress. It embodies unity of mind and body through action, restraint and fulfillment, as well as harmony between man and nature i.e. a holistic approach to health and well being. Yoga can be used as a complementary therapy in combination with conventional treatment for various diseases.

Navjot Kaur and Sarabjit Singh, Yoga Instructors, Govt. College of Yoga, Sector 23 Chandigarh conducted the Yoga session including Prayer worship, Exercise, Aasanas, Pranayam, Dhayan, Shanti path  etc.

Yoga Instructors were felicitated by the Chief Guest, Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Principal NINE, Dr. Sandhya Ghai.

Meenakshi Agnihotri, NSS Programme Officer thanked the guests, organizers, Yoga Instructors and NSS volunteers for their contribution towards successful celebration of Yoga Day.

Indian Surgical Equipments Market is Shifting Focus from ‘Trading to Precision Manufacturing’

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Chandigarh 21st June:- A huge market of precision surgical instruments had started surging in India during late 90s. India has become one of the top countries in Asia to import the surgical instruments. Core applications of such precision tools are Neurosurgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Closure, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Orthopedic and lot more other surgeries. Various innovations and newer applications are changing dynamics of this industry day-by-day.

The Indian medical devices industry is currently sized at around US$ 5 billion which is 6.9% of the USD 72.6 billion Asia/Pacific industry size. The overall health care industry in India is valued at USD 160 Billion which is expected to reach USD 280 billion by the year 2020. Thus India's medical devices, surgical equipment and pharmaceutical industry are promising to grow significantly in the coming years and will emerge as cost effective supplier to the whole world. There are about 1800 domestic firms in the country, mainly MSMEs which are competing in the range of low to medium technology products.

Global medical devices market is anticipated to reach a value of USD 435.8 billion by 2020, according to a ITA Medical Devices Top Markets Report 2016. As per industry sources, this is expected to grow at 7.8% CAGR year on year. Experts say, increasing number of minimally invasive surgeries is anticipated to accelerate the market growth. Road accidents, treatment of chronic diseases, increasing trend of plastic surgeries etc. are other trending causes to raise the demand for surgical instruments.

Switzerland based Scientist, Dr. Rajendra Joshi, Chairman of RUJ & SRM Mechanics said that India has a huge potential to overcome from being a trader dependent to innovative and precision manufacturing entity in surgical equipments market. By reducing import and producing cost effective high-end products, country will be able to save a huge cost on healthcare spending. However, during last few years, Indian government has succeeded in attracting many Swiss, German, Japanese and US companies and many of them have shown keen interest in setting-up their manufacturing base in India.

Jayant Joshi, Managing Director, RUJ & SRM Mechanics said that demand of precision manufacturing for surgical instruments industry is nearly untouched and being fulfilled by traders who are mainly importers. At RS India's Jaipur plant, the manufacturing processes and techniques like up to 5Axis Milling, Turning, Swiss Type Turning, Surface-, Cylindrical- and Center less grinding, Punching, Laser cutting, Bending, Vacuum Heat treatment, Anodizing (Aluminum & Titanium both), Plating, Powder coating, Assembling and Assembling under Clean Conditions is installed and available for all types of precision machining and assembly as required for B2B manufacturing.

Samsung to ‘Upsize’ TV Market in India: With Bigger & Better Premium Range

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Chandigarh 21st June:- Samsung, India's most trusted consumer electronics brand and the leader in television technology for 13 consecutive years, today announced the all-new and exciting 2018 line-up of televisions, including new models in the flagship QLED, mid-range UHD and the Make for India 'Concert' series.

Samsung has introduced game-changing products in the Indian market across segments. The brand has always been ahead of the curve with first-to-market innovations such as LED TV, Smart TV, Curved TV, Curved UHD TV and now QLED TV and The Frame.

Rajeev Bhutani, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India said that consumers in India are upsizing and are moving to bigger and better televisions. We intend to fuel this trend by increasing our UHD line-up by 60% and launching new products with innovative features such as Ambient Mode and superior sound quality.

 He added further that we conducted extensive consumer research and found that consumers need more than just a TV for their living room. The Ambient Mode in Samsung QLED TV allows it to seamlessly blend with your home interiors. We also identified that sound is a major point of concern for Indian TV consumers, hence we developed the Concert series, designed to deliver unmatched sound. Similarly, the UHD series brings in a host of innovations and unparalleled features.

PTron Enters Offline Market in India: Expands Distribution Channel from Online to Offline

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Chandigarh 21st June:- After being established as India's no.1 mobile accessories brand primarily through online sales, PTron has embarked on an aggressive plan to address the offline market. As a part of this plan, PTron announced appointment of Playtime Electronics as its 6th lead distributor in India, covering Hyderabad/ Telangana region. The other 5 lead distributors of PTron are located in New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Jaipur. The total count of distributors for PTron products has crossed 40, spread over 12 states in the country, in a short span of 6 months.

The existing distribution channel is able to reach over 700 retail outlets and sell 15,000 pieces per month. PTron is targeting to establish a network of 120 distributors and sell 50,000 pieces per month by end of this financial year. The offline channel also includes modern trade mobile retailers, such as Cell Point, who have started selling PTron products over their counters.

PTron has invested around INR 3crores for inventory buildup for building a strong distribution channel and keeping it replenished. An additional amount of INR 2crores is allocated for supporting the retail partners through brand building and marketing activities.

Vinay Parwani of Playtime Electronics said that the fast movement of PTron products over the retail counters is due to wide range of quality products and very competitive pricing.

Sreedhar Edupuganti of Gram Circuit, lead distributor for Andhra Pradesh, said that PTron accessories have already made a mark for itself pan India on online platform. We at Gram Circuit are very happy and proud to be associated with PTron.

According to Ameen Khwaja, Founder-CEO of PTron, said that while there are other players in the portable mobile accessories segment, PTron is a brand that offers quality products at prices that are hard to beat. They are BIS certified and backed by one year warranty. The brand appeals to youth who prefer branded mobile accessories, owing to safety and reliability, amongst other quality parameters.

Hockey Chandigarh is Celebrating Olympic Day on June 23

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Chandigarh 21st June:- Hockey Chandigarh is Celebrating the Olympic Day under the guidelines of Hockey India on dated 23-06-2018, at Hockey Stadium , sec 42  Chandigarh. Two Matches will be played on that day for Men & Women sections respectively.

According to Anil Vohra, Secy. General Hockey Chandigarh said that on this day of Olympic Ceremony, some Olympians and upcoming youngster's hockey Players will be honored and Mementos will also be given to the teams of Men & Women sections.

Chandigarh Sports Department will also be the part of Olympic Day Celebration.

On behalf of Hockey Chandigarh, we appeal all the Hockey Sports lovers in Chandigarh to come and join the Celebration of Olympic Day.

Youth United Sports Club is Organizing Two-Day "Mini Futsal Cup"

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Chandigarh 21st June:- Youth United Sports Club 39, Chandigarh is organising a two-day "Mini Futsal Cup" football tournament on June 21 to 22  for Under-14  and Under-16 category for boys. On the first day of tournament, the opening match in Under-14 league category was held between Youth United Sports Club 39, Chandigarh and Chitkara School. Both the teams played very well and the result was draw by 0-0 score.

In the Under-16 knock out category, the first match was played between Gaurav F.C and Kumbh F.C. Match was draw by 0-0 score and Gaurav F.c won the match in penalty by 3-2 score.

The "Mini Futsal Cup" was inaugurated by President of Haryana Government Employees Welfare Association, Satish Kumar.

President, Youth United Sports Club 39, Chandigarh, Sunil Singh and Coach, Manish Kumar were also present on this occasion.