Monday, 9 March 2020

Unique Holi Celebration: Society Distributes Ayurvedic Herb to Counter Corona Threat

By 121 News

Chandigarh, 09th Mar, 2020:- Jai Madhusudan Jai Shri Krishna Seva Society, Chandigarh distributed the Ayurvedic Herb – 'Giloye' for protection from Coronavirus or COVID 19 to mark Holi celebration in a way that is also beneficial to society.

As we know, the entire world is living in fear of the deadly Coronavirus, which has already taken thousands of lives. In order to tackle the virus, Jai Madhusudan, Jai Shri Krishna Seva Society, Chandigarh highlighted the importance of the Ayurvedic Herb 'Giloye'.

The society members along with many of its associates made people aware of the herb's benefits and encouraged people to make usage of 'Giloye' a daily habit.

The event held also to coincide with women's Day, saw the society distributing packets of 'Giloye' as a gift.

Former Pilot Engineer Prabhu Nath Shahi, President of the organization said that Giloye is a very useful ayurvedic herb having great medicinal value, which strengthens our immunity.

In this campaign, the chairperson of the institution, Reema Prabhu was also present.

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