Thursday, 21 February 2019

Two Day CME on Lupus Nephritis and Glomerular Nephritis Begins Tomorrow

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Chandigarh 21st Feb, 2019:- The Department of Nephrology is organizing a two days CME on Lupus Nephritis and Glomerular Nephritis on the 22nd and 23rd of February, 2019.

Both Lupus Nephritis and Glomerulonephritis are an important cause of Kidney Disease and account for up to 20% of end stage renal disease requiring dialysis.  The management of these clinical entities is controversial, given paucity of evidence.  In the current CME, we intend to discuss various aspects of Glomerulonephritis, the speakers include world authority in Glomerular Disease from United States of America and Hong Kong.  Difficult clinical scenarios for which there are no guidelines would be discussed to improve the existing knowledge on Glomerular Disease.

Prof. Jai Radha krishnan  from Columbia University, New York, USA will be speaking on "Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome", update on the management of TMA and FSGS.  Prof Brad Rovin from USA will be speaking on "Emerging Therapies in Glomerular Nephritis and role of Kidney Biopsy in Lupus Nephritis". Dr. DTM Chan from Hong Kong would be speaking on "Current Status of Lupus Nephritis management". Prof. Praveen Singhal and Prof. Sumanth Chugh would speak on "Advances in the pathogenesis of proteinuric kidney disease".

The CME will be attended by 250 members across the country and south asia.

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