Thursday, 21 February 2019

Shreyas Talpade Gets Shot on Sony SAB’s My Name Ijj Lakhan

By 121 News

Chandigarh 21st Feb, 2019:- Sony SAB's My Name Ijj Lakhan has continued to spread its charm with its very own unique Lakhangiri. In the upcoming episodes, with the mystery of Lakhan's second mother being solved, there is another task for Lakhan (Shreyas Talpade) to prove himself as an ideal son.

Daljeet (Parmeet Sethi) asks Lakhan to apologize to the man who was sent into jail due to Lakhan's lie. Although Lakhan apologizes, he is given the challenge of speaking truth for the next 24 hours, in order to redeem his deeds. Agreeing to it, this lands him into some troubles as he reveals about his friend's affair to his wife. Inspector Arjun (Ribbhu Mehra) takes advantage of Lakhan's obligation as well, taking him to the court in order to make him confess about all of his bad deeds. However, worried about himself, Lucky Bhai (Sanjay Narvekar) gets Lakhan shot to stop him from confessing.

Shreyas Talpade, essaying the role of Lakhan said that Lakhan is determined to prove himself as an ideal son. In his attempt to rectify another mistake, Lakhan speaks only truth for an entire day. This land him in trouble as his life is in danger. It will be fun for the viewers to see how Lakhan survives this attack.

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