Wednesday, 13 September 2017

University Institute of Legal Studies organizes Workshop on Medico-Legal Issues

By 121 News

Chandigarh 13th September:- The Career Development Cell of the University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a workshop of "Careers in law with reference to medico-legal field, medico-legal immigration and other related matters". Ms. Radhika Thapar Bahl, an alumna of department of laws, Panjab University and the founder of 'Fertility law Care', a well renowned law firm in Gurugram that deals particularly with fertility laws including surrogacy and other child welfare laws. She has also worked with the ministry of home affairs regarding the rules and regulations relating to surrogacy and other child welfare laws.

Various arenas of career in law were discussed such as Teaching, Litigation, Government Jobs, Judiciary, etc. She discussed about how diverse the law has become that the new fields are emerging citing examples of Medico legal laws, Immigration laws, human rights law, IPR and a never ending list. Further she asked the students to explore their interest and then work in that direction. Discussing about the positive aspects and the shortcomings of litigation as a profession she emphasized that a person needs to be patient and should be ready to face any failures in the course to reach heights.

Moving forward towards the issue of fertility laws surrogacy laws and why the need of such laws arose. Along with this, she also focused on explaining the students about IVF and other related issues. She explained how these laws are useful in the society also specifying certain loopholes in these laws. Not just stopping here, she also suggested what could be possibly done and how the need to develop law has become necessary due to advancement in technology. She also explained the importance of term consent that it is not required in case of emergency and no hospital can deny treatment in case of emergency. Further, she discussed that confidentiality in the medical profession and the legal profession is very important.

Coming to another aspect of lecture which is immigration matters, she explained the complications in the procedure followed. All the legal aspects which are involved, all documentation etc. were discussed by her. She discussed the cases which she had handled in her time of practice

The workshop proved to be very beneficial for all the students of UILS, especially for the students who came in great numbers to be enriched by her knowledge and also equipped the crowd professionally so that they are gainfully placed in the legal industry.